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  1. Andi Goodwin
    Andi Goodwin Nico Kunze
    hi ; our conversation on Elo ; yesterday ; did some digging ; the race was on the 12th of january ; and there was a bug fix after ;
    some guy didnt start or dropped out ; the result file gave that guy a posistion 0; marc was position 1 so elo saw mark as second and expected him to be first ; so the loss of points for a visual win
    as above this should be fixed ..... Andi
  2. Andi Goodwin
    Andi Goodwin Skybird
    hi i read your last post and agree with you loads , we had a few things go into the ai code that for some reason are now conflicting , we are trying are best to get it sorted but may take a while , in testing we have removed 80% of this issue but by doing so have added another . so just to say we are on this and seriously so . i would be grateful if you could keep this discussion between us
    all the best

  3. Andi Goodwin
    Andi Goodwin Skybird
    hi you around ?
  4. Kitsune Magyar
    Kitsune Magyar Rodolfo
    You should be able to post now!
  5. G.Deurwaerder
    G.Deurwaerder J-F Chardon
    Hoy J-F, naam van de server is ( BE/NL) GRRT .............. paswoord " race " is open rond 20u maar zal deze rond 14u open zetten ik zie het dan wel grt en alvast bedankt
  6. G.Deurwaerder
    G.Deurwaerder J-F Chardon
    Hoy J-F er blijkt een probleem te zijn met servers die gedraaid worden door Belgen en waar onze Nederlandse buren niet binnen kunnen met paswoord ?????
    1. J-F Chardon
      J-F Chardon
      Geef mij de naam van de server en paswoord, ik kan het proberen hier
      Feb 23, 2016
  7. NL-Jos
    NL-Jos Erik van Leeuwen
    Gaan ik doen, bedankt.
  8. Lachaussette
    Lachaussette J-F Chardon
  9. NL-Jos
    NL-Jos Erik van Leeuwen
    Hoi Erik, ik weet niet of ik met deze vraag bij jouw mag zijn maar gok het er maar op.
    Is het mogelijk om bij een aankondiging van een event bij het invullen van prefix BeNeLux als keuze toegevoegd kan worden?
    En weet jij toevallig of het in de toekomst mogelijk wordt om een eigen startnummer toe te kennen aan een auto?
    Dit zou het iets leuker maken voor filmpjes en foto's.
    Verder keep up the good work
    1. Erik van Leeuwen
      Erik van Leeuwen
      Hoi Jos, ik heb hier geen antwoord op. Ik werk als car artist en heb geen idee hoe de rest in elkaar steekt :) Ik denk dat je dit het beste aan een moderator op dit forum kan vragen.
      Feb 22, 2016
  10. [RRS]Pirata
    Jesus, my best Friend.
  11. Alice Margatroid
    Alice Margatroid KW Studios
    I have to ask, is there anyway to make spectator views for the spectator mode on the cars that do not have them already. would find it very useful to set them up for when we run a broadcast of the next Esr league series.
  12. Mike Davies
    Mike Davies
    (Mike Davies)
  13. Stuart Williams
    Stuart Williams
    I cannot load gives me the following Crash error.RRRE_Crash_2015_09_29_21_28_50_971.dmp
  14. Ayrton973
  15. F1Aussie
    F1Aussie Sonat Ozturk
    My username is P Hartl

    1. Sonat Ozturk
      Sonat Ozturk
      Can you try again and let me know whether it now saves your credentials?
      Feb 11, 2016
    2. F1Aussie
      So far so good, tried a couple of things that would usually mean I have to re enter my password and I did not have to. What was the issue? Thank you
      Feb 12, 2016
    3. F1Aussie
      I spoke too soon, tried again tonight and sure enough I had to log on again.
      Feb 12, 2016
  16. F1Aussie
    F1Aussie Sonat Ozturk
    Hi, every time I run r3e it asks for my email and password, it also mentions something about some steam content being associated with my account due to a purchase, through steam I guess. I am getting a bit frustrated with the password thing.

    Any ideas?

    1. Sonat Ozturk
      Sonat Ozturk
      Does it not save your credentials? Can you let me know the username you use in the game so I can take a look? Thanks.
      Feb 9, 2016
    2. F1Aussie
      My username is P Hartl
      Feb 11, 2016
  17. AMG Vilas ®™
    AMG Vilas ®™ mr_belowski
    hello mr belowski you are well I have your setup G29 to make tests thank you, thank you postage was me
    1. mr_belowski
      Not sure I understand what you're asking. I haven't spent much time trying to get the best FFB settings. I've changed the .rcs file to try and remove some of the FFB deadzone (not sure if this has worked). I can't change the wheel rotation in-game (it says "n/a") but other than that it seems to work OK.

      The FFB isn't as good as I was hoping in R3E - I'll try your settings later and see if it helps
      Feb 7, 2016
  18. McFly©
    It's a long Way to the Top
  19. James Cook
    James Cook
    On a break from R3E...
  20. J.Bell
    J.Bell Georg Ortner
    Hallo Georg.

    Uns ist aufgefallen das nach dem Rennen das Endergebnis oft nicht stimmt.
    So wird z.b jemand der auf Platz7 angekommen ist, dann am Schluss auf Platz 3 angezeigt.
    Hast du hierfür eine Erklärung ?

    Gruß J.Bell