KTM X-Bow GTX @ Dubai

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    Hey there,
    i'd like to share my setup for the combo for no particular reason.

    Is aimed to widen a bit manouvrability range and lower front slip tendency when ideal line are not followed or small driver errors.
    It discharge some rear power slip sensitivity to throttle ups at TC 3 60% and let more small adjustment at the "virgulae" turns:


    It de-camber a lot tires letting them a more smooth slip transition and better surface contact on straights.
    It rise a bit front to prevent the bottom out at critical brakes. (+2ticks)
    remove as possible front rollbar making it more compatible with rear swing, moving the behaviour adjustment to fast/slow bump/rebound (fine grain preferential 1 ticks changes)


    Moves the weight more front moving the slip criticality more towar the rear (front/rear tick diff +11ticks)
    lowers the rear wing compatibily with rised rear (-4 ticks)
    Lower rear spring rate to make TC 60% more manegable (at 40% is more critical, require good pedals or good skills or concentration)
    It compensate the lowerd stifness with slow/fast bump/rebound for a more fine x tick adjustment.


    I very critically sensible at braking, having the front that slips too much if BB is moved forward, having the rear that slips too much if BB is moved toward rear. the sweet spot i found is the one in the image.

    Is not a pro setup, it probably is a working sweet spot, but is not sure if is highly compatible with core mechanical basic nature of the car.
    The general driving sensation these changes gaves me is that the car changed from a slightly likely mercedes Gt3 style, toward a McLaren/Ferrari gt3 one.

    This exact setup let me do under 2 min at ongoing KTM + Dubai competition.
    I Hope it gives some general altenative weekend car's setup inspirantion to someone or let enjoy more the car+track combo.

    Edit + P.S: I drove it with a simple rig ( TLCM pedals + thrustmaster T150 steering + FGTLite chassis in VR with HTC Vive) and I am not a pro driver, just a B rank on competitions... so consider it probably do not adapt well for high end rigs or high skilled drivers
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