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    I figured due to the nature of these questions there's no need to post my system specs. However, I'll mention now that I am currently playing the game with an Xbox 360 controller.

    I just have a few questions about clutching in this game. I play with the Auto-Clutch OFF.

    The first is: Are there any plans to allow the auto-blip feature to be turned off? I don't know if it's on for all the cars, but I'd prefer to blip the throttle for myself on down-shifts in the future.

    Secondly: In the competitions, damage is never on. I've noticed that with damage off, you can up-shift a few different ways without any penalty (seemingly). For a specific example, I'm referring to the BMW M3 GT2 car.

    1. One way of up-shifting is to continue to apply throttle during the shift while also using the clutch. The funny thing with this method is that upon every up-shift, there is a small gap of time once the new gear has been selected where the engine revs freely as if the clutch still hasn't engaged.

    2. Another way of up-shifting is to release the throttle during the shift while using the clutch. If you re-apply the throttle too soon after the shift, however, there is still that small gap of time where the engine freely revs. If you wait to re-apply the throttle until the whole shift seems to be complete, there is none of that free reving, but at the same time, it seems like you'd be losing speed because you're spending more time off-throttle.

    3. One other method of up-shifting seems to be to continue to apply throttle through the shift WITHOUT using the clutch at all. This shift seems to complete faster, and with no free-reving.

    These given examples leave me confused, because I feel like method 3 is the fastest method, but makes no sense! Am I just reading into things too much, and does up-shift method not matter in the end, or is method 3 actually the fastest method when damage is turned off?

    My last question is: Is all of this stuff dependent on the method of shifting and clutching for each car individually? For cars that are older with gated shifters, surely the second part of method 2 would be the realistic way to up-shift. For newer cars with sequential shifters and dog gears, wouldn't method 1 be the accurate way to upshift? And then finally, for cars like modern F1's and maybe even Prototypes, don't they forego clutching at all between 2nd and top gear?

    I've done my best to make this as clear as I can, but it still seems so confusing in my head, hopefully someone can understand this and help me sort some ideas out!