FFB Guide (June 2021)

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    FFB Guide (June 2021)
    With the completely new FFB comes a new FFB Guide ofcourse! It will consist of a 'Quick Guide' and an 'In-Depth Guide'. The Quick Guide is a simple overview of our recommended settings for every type of wheel, which is also visible in the FFB menu in-game for quick reference. The In-Depth Guide will focus more on explaining what each setting does, what they can be used for and why we recommend certain settings.

    Our recommended FFB Settings will largely be based on the maximum torque a wheel can output, so below is a list of different categories and where most wheels fit in:
    Wheel Torque List:
    • >5Nm
      • Any DD wheel
      • Fanatec: CSW V2, CSW V2.5, CSL Elite
      • Thrustmaster: TS-PC, T-GT, TS-XW
    • 3-5Nm
      • Fanatec: CSW V1, CSR Elite
      • Thrustmaster: T500, TX, T300
    • <3Nm
      • Fanatec: GT3 RS V2, CSR
      • Thrustmaster: TMX, T150, 458
      • Any Logitech wheel
    FFB Settings Quick Guide:
    • FFB Strength:
      • Wheel torque <10Nm: 100%
      • Wheel torque >10Nm: <100%
    • FFB Linearity:
      • Wheel torque >5Nm: 100%
      • Wheel torque 3-5Nm: 85%
      • Wheel torque <3Nm: 70%
    • FFB Minimum Force:
      • Wheel torque >5Nm: 0%
      • Wheel torque 3-5Nm: 2%
      • Wheel torque <3Nm: 3%
    • FFB Maximum Force:
      • Wheel torque <10Nm: 100%
      • Wheel torque >10Nm: <100%
    • Stationary Friction:
      • Any wheel: 50%
    • Immersion Settings:
      • For purely realistic steering force FFB: Keep these settings off
      • Otherwise up to preference, careful with Bump Amplification, recommend testing at the Nordschleife as it can get out of control there quickly
    • Wheel Driver Settings (not in-game):
      • Allow damping effects on your wheel! We do not use any damping effect for the FFB besides the stationary friction, so it will not make any difference during normal driving
      • We recommend setting any interpolation or smoothing filters to 'Minimum' or 'Off', you can use them if there is any unwanted graininess or roughness in the FFB.
      • We recommend turning any added damping or friction effects off, or keep them at minimal values if you prefer that. For DD wheels, it makes sense to add a small amount of friction.

    In-Depth FFB Guide:
    Coming soon (tm)! For now, you can follow the From old to new FFB (Tips & Info) post.
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