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    Welcome to a quick guide of Oschersleben! You're invited to share your tips and tricks with the rest of the community!
    Oschersleben is my 'home circuit' and the third permanent one in Germany. Its unusual layout creates a real challenge for riders and drivers.

    T1: A left hand corner. Brake on the right hand side on the track. My usual braking point is the astro turf on the left of the track where once the pit exit was located. Go down to 3rd or 4th gear if you're using the motorcycle layout with the fast, original T1 or go down to 2nd (maybe 1st) on the DTM T1. Attack the curb and stay on the inside.
    T2 (Hotel): A long right hand corner. Just some lifting on the DTM layout, but if you're coming right out of Motorcycle T1, brake instantly and look for an early first apex. Be gentle to the gas and go to the outside to maximise your speed. At the end of the corner, turn in on the now flat inside curb and push your throttle gently. Use as much runoff on the left afterwards. Most of the cars use second and then third gear for better traction out of the corner. But don't loose too much speed!
    T3 (Hasseröder): A long left hander, approximately 180 degrees. Brake on the right hand side where an escape route is located and go down to third or even second gear.Two lines possible: Use a double apex line(especially when you're going to use the shortcut version) and therefore get loose a bit from the inside of the corner. Use as much curb on the inside at the end and also on the outside. Or use the late apex method where you only have to go on the inside at the end of Hasseröder where the curb is. Of course: Maximise your exit speed, but also keep your entry speed almost stable throughout the whole corner.
    Alternative short cut onto Stadiongerade: Use the double apex line and go extra wide in the middle of the corner. Do not go too far on the exit curb, as the shortcut is a tighter 180 degree right hander. Brake when you feel to :3 and take another double apex line. Set your apexes on the two curbs in the corner and take enough speed out of it (Skip to T11-T12)
    T4, T5, T6 (Triple): One of the most demanding parts of the circuit. A good setup and car balance is needed for this. After leaving T3, stay right and use as much of the concrete runoff as R3E allows you to take. Use 4th gear in most of the cars throughout the whole complex. 'Miss' the first left handed Turn by a good metre (It's where the astro turf is) and go wide to the outside. But do not miss T5, its the key to the next turns! Smash over the curb on the inside as hard as your suspension can swallow and aim for T6. Here, you also take the inside curb, but keep a fairly straight line for the entry of T7. Throughout Triple, play gently with the throttle after the apexes and maybe do not take as much speed into T4 as you might think you can.
    T7: A long right hander (again ;D). If you took the right line through T6, you're well set up for T7. This corner is slightly banked, so you can take a bit more speed into it than you might think. But do not overshoot it! Go down to third gear for a better exit, take the first apex right at the start and let your car sail to the outside while still turning. Your second apex is right before the cone on the inside, but pick up throttle a bit before and use all the exit curb on the left.
    T8, T9, T10 (McDonalds M/ Amann Corner): A killer chicane. Goes right left right onto the Stadiongerade, the second longest straight, so maximise your exit! First: Do not go side by side here. Take third gear and think of a straight line, which crosses all three apexes. Stay on the left at the exit, hop over the first curb and hope that your dampers survive. Take most of that astro turf on your left at apex number two (beware of track limits, here!) to get the speed out of T10 on to the straight. T10 has the longest radius of those three, so relax a bit on the inside curb. Pick up the throttle as early as you can and use the curb on the exit to its limits, but don't run over the grass, it will ruin your speed. Stay on the left of the straight
    T11-T12 (Shell-S): Braking points differ much depending on which car you use. What is almost certain is that it will be located behind the Timing Line for S3. Go down to third gear and use the inside curb. Stay on the middle of the track as you face the left hand corner after the corner to the right. Both almost have the same radius, but T12 has a slight dip at the apex, which you have to nail. Pick up the throttle at this point and use the large runoff area to your right hand side. Speed is key in this section.
    T13: A fast right hand corner. Depending on which car you use, you have to brake a good bit or just lift the throttle at the apex. What is certain is that you have to move all the way to the left before the corner to get as much speed as possible through this last part of the circuit. Use the exit curb on your left but beware of cars entering the pits at this point.
    T14 (ex Sachsen-Anhalt curve, Zeppelin-Kurve): The last corner of the circuit and its a right hander. After using the exit curb after T13, stay on the outside of the track to gather as much speed as you can on to the Start/Finish-Straight. Take second gear for more speed or third for better traction and early throttle. Use the exit curb and stay on the left if you want to end a flying lap in Quali or gently move to the right for another lap of Oschersleben.

    Quick facts: 14 Turns (7 right, 7 left)
    3,667km/3,696km long
    Pit Speed: 80km/h in R3E (Reality: 60km/h at GT Masters in 2019)
    Fastest Lap: 1:13:050 (A. Zuber, 2005)
    Greetings, Hope this was a bit helpful. Oscherslebens flow might sometimes be not as obvious as on other tracks, but you'll find your rythm :) Overtaking isn't easy, but that adds to the challenge! Give this circuit a try!
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