Pimax 8KX DMAS Rev.2 - 120hz is Fantastic !

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Blanes, Apr 1, 2023.

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    This is for any Pimax 8KX DMAS owners of the revised version, serial number starts with 2076. There is an updated FW 2003 linked from the OpenMR piimax forums. Do NOT flash it if you have the earlier released 8KX or KDMAS version as it will not work and could brick your headset, though it is recoverable. I flashed using DFU.exe without any issues.

    Also there is a new Pimax Client 1.10 which works well with this FW and to me is better than any ealier PiTool release. You can disable the online so the shop does not load.

    I had been using the limited release beta (FW 2006 dated 20220615) since September last year but it was not so stable and I went back to using 75hz. The above FW 2003 is dated a week later but was only released in February this year, according to Pimax support and PimaxQuorra.

    I tried the 120hz last night in RaceRoom and was astounded how good it ran. I use a RTX3090 and had mostly highest settings on with SteamVR resolution of 2828 x 2828 and the image was really good. But more importantly, hotlapping as only car I was holding 120 FPS and it looked fantstic, very smooth and stable with a bright and crisp image. I then tried with field of 20 cars and using fpsVR it said I was only at 60 odd fps at start of race however I had Smart Smoothing turned on in the Pimax Client and it was extremely smooth without any of the ghosting or artifacts I usually would see which is reason why I never have smoothing or reprojection turned on. Don't know what the Pimax engineers have done but this is so good and to run at 120fps as well. Most tracks, except Nords, the frames jump up after the race start but everything remained super smooth.

    Thought this was worth a mention for anyone who has this version 8KX yet had not tried out 120hz yet. Pimax do not seem to have made much noise about this and focus seems entirely on Crystal of late.

    Please share if you have the similar experience as I find it a real game changer and R3E is just incredible in VR now on my 8KX.

    Note - For some reason the FW link above does not work for me unless I copy link address into a new browser window, don't know if that is some setting in my Chrome browser or not.