Porsche Esports Carrera Cup 2020

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    Jens Fiedler vs. Robin Sieren, Race 1, Turn7, lap 3
    Robin Sieren brakes late for Turn 7 and hits Fiedler in the back. So Fiedler was send into a spin.
    Sieren, 6 Points, 1 Strike

    Leonard Krippner vs. Thorsten Ulrich, Race 1, Lap 6, Tosa Hairpin
    On the run up towards Turn 7, Krippner is defending the inside line from Ulrich. Just at the braking zone Ulrich brakes early, then lifts off the brakes and switches late to the inside line, which Krippner has left free, before getting back on the brakes again. At this point Krippner reacts to this and tries to close the door by changing lines in the braking zone. Ulrich commits to the move on the inside, but attempts to avoid the moving car by going tighter, putting a wheel on the grass in the process. This causes understeer and contact between both cars forcing them both wide. Both drivers are responsible for the contact in this scene, Ulrich goes aggressive and fast into a small gap, whilst Krippner reactively moves under braking.
    Ulrich, 3 Points
    Krippner, Warning

    Leonard Krippner vs. Thorsten Ulrich, Race 1, Lap 8, Variante Tamburello
    Krippner is going for the move at Turn 2 and hugging the inside before entering the corner. This is a great opportunity for Ulrich to use his better racing line to cut Krippner back. Meanwhile Krippner is struggling with the rotation of the car and tries to rotate a little bit further to get a good exit. Ulrich clips Krippner while overtaking. Both cars are turning in the opposite direction. So contact was made. Ulrich should have left a little bit more space.
    Ulrich, Warning

    Mathias Baldauf vs. Simone Prete, Race 1, Turn7, lap 8
    Prete is going for a move on the inside on Baldauf at Turn 7. Baldauf is closing the door a little bit, but Prete gets inside. Prete runs Baldauf wide on exit and forces him off track before the astro turf ends. In the process he takes the position of Baldauf.
    Simone Prete, 6 Points, 1 Strike

    Leonard Krippner vs. Thorsten Ulrich, Race 1, Lap 10, Variante Tamburello
    Krippner defends the inside Line of Turn 2 while Ulrich is undecided where to go for the overtake. While deciding he clips the back of Krippner and loses his own rear and has to catch his car off track. In the process he cuts the racing line ones and then rejoins the track right before Turn 4. The initial rejoin was okay but then Ulrich turns into Krippner’s car because of his lack of momentum.
    Ulrich, 3 Points

    Leonard Krippner vs. Simone Prete / Thorsten Ulrich, Race 2, Lap 1, Piratella / Acque Minerali
    Krippner is chasing Prete up the hill to Turn 8. Prete moves across in the middle of the braking zone as a reactive movement to block Krippner. As a consequence Krippner has to save the back end, and drives out wide and onto the runoff area, which allows Ulrich to pull alongside and nose ahead going back down towards turn 9. Krippner and Ulrich bang wheels on the way through turn 9 and Ulrich takes the place.
    Prete, 6 Points, 1 Strike

    Mathias Baldauf vs. Thorsten Ulrich, Race 2, Turn 1, Lap4
    Heading into Turn 2 Ulrich is slipstreaming Baldauf down the straight and is carrying some overspeed into the braking zone, as a result he closes significantly on Baldauf. Contact is made before the first apex, pushing Baldauf wide. Baldauf then has his line compromised through Turn 2 and 3 but attempts to carry racing speed anyway resulting in Ulrich making the move in Turn 3 and take his position.
    Ulrich, 6 Points, 1 Strike

    Leonard Krippner vs. Thorsten Ulrich, Race 1 & Race 2 (example: Race 1, Lap 7), multiple corners (mostly Piratella, partly exit of Acque Minerali)
    “11.2 Track Limits

    The track boundaries are following the ingame penalties. In general, they are as follows: 2 wheels always on track, kerbs count as track. Track-specific exceptions will be explained in the gridmail. When you exceed the track boundaries, you will see a black and white flag on your screen and your laptime is disallowed. In some cases, it may be possible to skip entire corners or sections of the track. This is not allowed, and will result in 2 strikes and a manual deletion of your laptime. If the leaderboard is used as a qualifier for a multiplayer race, you will receive no invitation for the race. Repeat offenders will face harsher penalties.”

    Robin Sieren, 6 Points, 1 Strike
    Thorsten Ulrich, 12 Points, 1 Strike, 1 Warning
    Simone Prete, 12 Points, 2 Strike

    Official Results
    #1 Moritz Löhner 50
    #2 Néstor García 42
    #3 Jakub Brzezinski 38
    #4 Leon Rüdinger 36
    #5 Nikodem Wisniewski 30
    #6 Alexander Dornieden 26
    #7 Florian Hasse 20
    #8 Marko Pejic 19
    #9 Lucas Müller 16
    #10 Gianmarco Fiduci 16
    #11 Max Duhr 15
    #12 Carlo Luciano Bedin 11
    #13 Thorsten Ulrich 7
    #14 Mathias Baldauf 5
    #15 Luca Scalari 3
    #16 Petr Daniel 3
    #17 Leonard Krippner 2
    #31 Simone Prete -2
    #32 Robin Sieren -6
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    PECCD Finals

    Race 1
    Race Control vs. Alexander Dornieden, Lap 1, Turn 1

    Dornieden tries to attack Pejic on the inside. He brakes until the apex of the second corner and hits Brzezinski in the back. As a consequence, Brzezinski spins and loses many positions.
    Dornieden, 6 Points, 1 Strike

    Race Control vs. Baldauf vs. Fiduci, Lap 1, Turn 1,
    Baldauf hits the stranded car of Brzezinski. Therefore Fiduci has a hard time to avoid Baldauf and spins him.
    No Action

    Race Control vs. Ulrich, Lap 1, Turn 1
    After all the chaos in Turn 1 Ulrich keeps his race pace and hits Hanses in the back. Hanses spins and lost some positions.
    Ulrich, 6 Points, 1 Strike

    Race 2
    Race Control vs. Wisniewski, Lap 1, Turn 1

    Wisniewski tries to pass Heinrich in Turn 1 and comes across his line before Turn 2. Heinrich has no space on the inside kerb of Turn 2 and needs to catch his car over the anti-cut-kerb. Heinrich loses so much grip that he needs to catch the car on the exit as well and blocks Hasse. As a consequence Hasse loses a position. Wisniewski gains a position through this maneuver.

    When Wisniewski and Heinrich make contact, Heinrich still had a bit of room to the left. Therefore, only half of a penalty is given. But it still remains that Wisniewski did not leave enough space for another car in turn 2.
    Wisniewski, 3 Points

    Race Control vs. Baldauf, Lap 1, Turn 1
    On the rundown to Turn 1 Baldauf loses 2 positions. While braking into Turn 2 he tries to get back his position while he is also getting attacked by Müller. Baldauf mindlessly switches from the left hand side of the track to the right hand side and hits Müller at the apex of Turn 2. He also catches his car by leaning on Brzezinski's car.
    Baldauf, 3 Points

    Nikodem Wisniewski vs. Laurin Heinrich, Lap 15, T1
    On the rundown to Turn 1 Heinrich gains a lot of momentum through the slipstream of Wisniewski. Wisniewski commits to the middle of the racing surface. Heinrich fakes his maneuver for the outside of Turn 1 but suddenly changes the line back to the inside because Wisniewski left enough space to slip past. While Heinrich is changing his trajectory Wisniewski reacts to this movement. As a consequence Heinrich hits the car of Wisniewski. Wisniewski is running wide and both cars lose a position after the exit of Turn 2.
    Wisniewski, Warning

    Nikodem Wisniewski vs. Laurin Heinrich, Lap 15, T11
    While braking into Turn 11 Heinrich misses the optimal brake points. His corner entry speed is too high, so he hits Wisniewskis back. Wisniewski catches the car in Turn 11 but loses 1 Position to Heinrich.
    Heinrich, 6 Points, 1 Strike

    Baldauf, 3 Points
    Dornieden, 6 Points, 1 Strike
    Heinrich, 6 Points, 1 Strike
    Ulrich, 6 Points, 1 Strike
    Wisniewski, 3 Points plus a Warning

    Official Results
    #1 Moritz Löhner 50
    #2 Néstor García 44
    #3 Laurin Heinrich 34
    #4 Nikodem Wisniewski 33
    #5 Leon Rüdinger 30
    #6 Florian Hasse 28
    #7 Gianmarco Fiduci 18
    #8 Marko Pejic 18
    #9 Jakub Brzezinski 17
    #10 Lucas Müller 16
    #11 Thorsten Ulrich 15
    #12 Lukas Ertl 13
    #13 Julian Hanses 9
    #14 Max Duhr 6
    #15 Mathias Baldauf 2
    #16 Carlo Luciano Bedin 0
    #17 Alexander Dornieden -6
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