Released Game update - 8th April 2020

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    Update details:
    Download size = 4.1 GB
    Client version =
    Client BuildID = 4873057
    Dedicated server version = 60.0.1114
    Dedicated server BuildID = 4873274

    • Ranked Multiplayer - Added an option to set minimum requirements in rating and safety for a player to be allowed in a ranked session. Added a filter for this to the MP lobby list menu.
    • Dedicated server - Added controls to Export and Import settings (if the host IP changes, the settings are still being lost, but at least you can now recover the settings in a couple clicks by importing a backup)
    • HUD - Moved the huge Disqualification notifications to the "butterHUD™" system (the smaller left side notifications)
    • Controllers - Reduced Minimum force for all Logitech wheels, and added a 10% slip effect
    • Controllers - Added default profile for Simagic wheelbase
    • Controllers - First iteration of support for Simucube - Added communication of in-game selected wheelrange to the simucube driver. Added “safe” default profiles for the 3 variants of Simucube 2 wheelbases. We still have to fix some forces not being stopped upon pressing ESC and sawtooth effects, which we will do together with the hardware manufacturer.
    • Controllers - Updated default FFB profiles for Fanatec CSL and CSR
    • Various improvements to simulating Electric powered cars for player and AI, pitstops, etc.
    • AI - Improvements to their handling of traffic in multiclass racing
    • AI - Improvements to their decision making in going for a defensive line while being followed
    • Fixed a bug where a multiplayer server in a closed qualifying session would still be displayed as “joinable” in the multiplayer list.
    • Fixed a bug where gearshift backfires would not make sounds in replays. Improved logic of the sound triggers in both replays and multiplayer.
    • Fixed a case where AI could be caught not shifting up when it thought it had too low grip on the powered wheels.
    • Fixed a bug where pitstop sounds wouldn't work in replays.
    • Fixed an issue where the ideal raceline would feature oddly positioned brake warnings.
    • Fixed an issue where watching an instant replay that featured a pitstop would result in receiving fresh tyres a second time after coming back to gameplay.
    • Fixed an issue with some in-game web links that would wrongly open in a Steam overlay whenever -webdev startup argument was being used.
    • Tweak to AI's understanding of gravity and forces to improve their behavior on slopes and banked corners.
    • Further tweaks hoping to catch some remaining timing discrepancies when spectating MP races
    • Backed out an older fix for driver names being offset above opponent cars when playing with a low FOV as it had introduced an arguably more annoying intense vibration of the driver names when close to player. Let’s live with an offset for now while we wait for a better fix.

    Content updates:
    • All cars - Adjustments to behavior of the tyres once they've been covered in dirt, grass, gravel. As a consequence of those changes, the sounds for pebbles hitting the car are going to feel a bit fainter.
    • All cars - Modifications to upshifts and downshifts engine revs. Gearshifts are now more brutal™. Older cars from 70’s / 80’s / 90’s also received specific upshift backfires.
    • All cars - New transmission whine recordings for most cars, especially modern GT, prototypes and touring cars. The transmission volume ramp is also altered, it’s now louder while coasting and the pitch is in exact sync with the drivetrain.
    • All cars - New skid and locked brake tyre sounds that provide a more realistic sound during long slides. Also decreased tyre volumes for all modern GT cars.
    • All cars - Updates to behaviour of both the rev and pit limiters.
    • All cars - Modifications to forces involved in car to car collisions, to get rid of some collisions sometimes feeling like the other car is a solid brick.
    • Aquila - Adjusted tyre pressures in baseline setup, reduced brake power
    • Audi R18 - Fixed steering wheel not being exactly positioned on the steering column, which resulted in the cockpit camera placement being centered the wheel and therefore too far to the right.
    • Audi TT RS VLN - Longer default final drive for Zandvoort
    • CUPRA TCR - Fixed baseline setup that had an asymmetrical damper setting
    • DTM 14/15/16 - Fixed excessive suspension damage over curbs. Improved curb and bump behaviour with updated high speed dampers. Modified clutch and engine inertia values to stop them from bouncing off limiter upon downshifts. Differential updates to proper locks. Slight BOP adjustment of +5 Kg on the Mercedes.
    • Formula RaceRoom 2 - Updated baseline setup and tweaks to tyres for better handling. AI improvements.
    • Formula Raceroom 90 - Now offers three different tyre compounds, revised baseline setup and tyre model.
    • Formula RaceRoom X-17 - AI improvements
    • Group 4 - Porsche 934 RSR - AI improvements
    • Group C - Updated physics and tyre model, adjusted AI's to match. Adjusted Performance Index of the class to better reflect the actual speed of these cars.
    • GTR 1 - Improved AI pace spread
    • GTR 3 - McLaren 650s - Longer final drive
    • GTR 4 - Updated tyre model and baseline setup
    • Mercedes AMG CLK DTM 2003 - Adjusted cockpit camera position
    • Mercedes AMG DTM 1995 - Adjusted cockpit camera position
    • NSU TTS - Set undertray contact points that had been missing. Updated differential and drivetrain behaviour
    • P1 and P2 - Adjusted gearchange timings and drivetrain oscillations (shaft rigidity). Adjusted placement of cockpit camera.
    • Porsche 911 GT3 Cup (Sprint) - Updated tyre model and suspension. Further tweaks and improvements to physics. (this version of the GT3 Cup is not yet in store but used in Porsche Carrera Cup Scandinavia esports)
    • Porsche Clubsport Trophy by Manthey Racing - Updated tyre model and baseline setup
    • Silhouette Series - Now have factory ABS and preheated tyres. Fixed Canhard R52 that was showing some Push to Pass HUD elements.
    • Volkswagen ID.R - Updated physics according to the Nuerburgring lap record sessions telemetry. Equipped the car with DRS. Shortened the water pump startup sequence and made it sound more obvious that something is happening during car boot up sequence.
    • WTCC 2014/2016 - Fixed excessive suspension damage over curbs
    • WTCR 2018/2019 - Fixed excessive suspension damage over curbs, AI improvements
    • Bathurst - Tweaks to AI’s understanding of what’s a good cornering speed
    • Imola - Tweaks to AI’s understanding of what’s a good cornering speed
    • Ningbo - Improvements to framerate. The starting grid for the short layout is now the same as for the other layouts. Improved AI behaviour.
    • Nuerburgring - Improved AI behaviour at turn 1 of VLN / 24H.
    • Road America - Extended track limits a bit on the outside of the Canada Corner so you no longer get a cut with two wheels inside the white line.
    • Salzburgring - Tweaks to AI’s understanding of what’s a good cornering speed
    • Spa-Francorchamps - Tweaks to AI’s understanding of what’s a good cornering speed (Blanchimont)
    • Suzuka - Tweaks to AI’s understanding of what’s a good cornering speed
    Known issue
    • Ningbo main layout has a wrong cut detection in the left turn just before pitlane entry. The only way to record a laptime there right now is by keeping left after the apex. Other Ningbo layouts are not affected. We’re still investigating what’s up with this and will fix as soon™ as possible.
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  2. Gopher04

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    Is butterHUD a actual thing?
  3. OldFart

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    Aug 23, 2019
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    • This has made my day, may seem a small thing to many but rebuilding the servers was a real pain
    • Thank you
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  4. n01sname

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    S3 's adaptation of the "soon" running gag always makes me smile, you guys are sweet ;)....oh and many (many) thx for the update btw. :D
  5. Rodger Davies

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    Jan 29, 2015
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    First list didn’t have much of interest to me, except the AI improvements, but blown away by the content updates - look forward to giving it a go especially with the new sounds and multi class updates
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  6. Cheeseman

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    When will VW IDR be available for purchase?

    Or R3E will have esports only cars from now onwards?
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  7. NL-Jos

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    Jun 5, 2015
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    Thanks again for the update
    Every update is welcom
    I'm still hoping for the possibility for joining during warm-up sessions
  8. Badgerous

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    Nov 19, 2019
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    Looking forward to hearing those sound updates, and 'Gearshifts are more brutal' sounds great. :)

    Good news on the Simucube support as well - I'm currently awaiting stock at the end of the month to finally grab one.
  9. Dady Cairo

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    Sep 25, 2017
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    What? Nothing new to buy...Sector3 seems ill...:fearscream::smile:
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  10. RampageRacing

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    Saw news of a Raceroom update on Twitter. Got all excited and grabbed my wallet to buy Daytona! Read the notes here. Sadly, put my wallet away. Went back to waiting.
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  11. ducman888

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    Maybe it's hidden in the 4.1 GB update just waiting for a switch to be flipped (fingers crossed) soon.
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  12. memoNo1

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    Dec 13, 2019
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    Great update.:)
    Thanks a lot.
    It is particularly nice that Group C has received its physics update.
    Last month the TT RS now Group C.
    That personally interested me the most. Which group now gets their "finish".
    I hope it's Group 5 next month.

    BTW, please excuse my misinformation regarding Nascar. I misunderstood something. English is not my mother tongue.
  13. AleISBACK

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    Everytime i swear to read: Added Driver swap, but everytime there isn't. I'm getting sad
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  14. BrianBosch

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    Just have a look in some file folders and you'll find out ;)
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  15. RWB 3vil

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    @J-F Chardon

    Thank you and all at Sector 3 for still working hard during these strange times. I'm looking forward to hearing the new audio .
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  16. R.Noctua

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    Dec 12, 2019
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  17. Flintenwilly

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    Apr 3, 2016
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    Is it just me or is the graveltrap now exactly this - a trap. Drove the 934 and, naturally, landed on some point there. It felt like an eternity to get out. That is great.
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  18. Nico Kunze

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    Sep 1, 2018
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    Enjoying the more prominent transmission whine and the fact that i can now actually drive ningbo :D
    Havent gotten to drive any of the updated cars yet but still have a question about them:
    From tweaks to revisions to updates. In which classes are the changes so big that one should delete all old setups and where are they just small changes where perhaps slightly tweaking an old setup is enough?

    And somebody else already asked but i too am wondering what the updates to the vw idr mean going forward :D
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  19. ravey1981

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    Apr 15, 2018
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    As far as I know old setups should still work, but try comparing with default if in doubt. Updated tyres are a small step forward so should not cause any big problems.
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  20. ravey1981

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    Apr 15, 2018
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    Cars now sink into gravel further so will take longer to get out. Tyres stay dirty for conciderably longer too so care should be taken to avoid even small off tracks. Grip will be compromised for a few corners at least.
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