RPM Shift light values (for LED tuning)

Discussion in 'Knowledge Base' started by Wilko Jones, Aug 21, 2023.

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    Feb 10, 2019
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    Is there some place I can find the rpm and shift light numbers for every car in Raceroom? I'm trying to get my shift lights and LEDs in sync with the sim, but at best I'm guessing what those numbers are.

    The first car I attempted to coordinate was the Lotus Evora in GTR4. What i have is...

    Idle - 1250
    Green - 5000
    Red1 - 6052
    Red2 - 6700
    Flash - 6800
    Max - 8450 (Lowest Fanalab will let me set)

    My numbers are best guesses, and close to how the lights respond. I'm not using a wheel with an array of shift lights. I just have the single LED on the WRC wheel to work with, and all I just want is to be close to what the sim is displaying.

    Hopefully the values I am looking for are easy to find. It would save me a lot of guess work, and time. Then I'd be able to concentrate on getting Fanalab to automatically switch between cars and display the correct LED colors, it this is possible.

    Thanks for any help with this matter.