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    This is intended. They have the same performance index in game.
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    A good decision. Actually, the Group 4 cars run at a similar pace, depending on track. Would be nice if there was an option to include them in the same category.
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    Reportedly it was raced in 1987, see here


    For spring rates, I found that 500f, 450r was a really common setup hence that's hour default. I suppose I could open up the adjustment range a bit.

    The limiter on ours is set to 7500 :D

    When it comes to deciding a spec of our older cars it can get quite tricky as many of them had very long careers in which they constantly evolved. With regards to the Volvo and 635i we went for final iterations with all of the bells and whistles so they have half a change of mixing with the E30 and Skyline. I reckon we did an alright job!
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    Interesting. What I found was this:

    Electronic Traction Control (ETC) - Wheel speed sensors monitor rear wheels relative to front. Any difference results in a reduction in boost pressure, then followed by a cut in fuel supply to middle cylinders 2 and 3. This system was built in new 1986 RAS cars for Peggen Andersson and Mauro Baldi. The car was tested but never raced as it was brand new and there was a risk of "child problems". The 'traction control car' (see pic below) was faster than the racecar during testing before the race, and again on the test on Monday after the race. [tested at 1986 ETCC round at Estoril, Portugal ] This racecar #605 stands in the Volvo Museum and features the developments of front suspension and an LED display "inspection system" dashboard.

    Stiffer front may have been an Eggenberg thing, from previous season:

    • Springs - in 1985 special Eggenberger. Thomas Lindström liked 800 lb front and 600 lb rear
    Oh, and
    Then the tachometer is wrong. ;) (have to recheck it)
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    Since the article is from January 1987, they are probably talking about 1986 race: Estoril.html

    So this is the same race:

    Interesting how they got two opposing statements about the same event.