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    Set your self free with Raceroom!

    Raceroom has one of the largest and widest rosters of licensed cars and tracks in the sim racing world - and soon you’ll be able to drive any one of them for free.

    From June 18th until June 25th, when you fire up Raceroom you’ll be able to access all our content without restriction.
    That’s over 200 cars and over 50 tracks waiting for you to experience.

    We’ve built up an incredible collection of cars over the years, across all motorsport disciplines and from every era. If you’ve only ever dipped your toe into Raceroom before, this is your chance to really get a feel for the full range. If you’ve already purchased content but were unsure about how a particular car would drive, now is the chance to take it for a spin without risk. All our cars are grouped by both manufacturer and class: and you can choose from 46 manufacturers and 77 classes!

    Want to climb the single-seater ladder? Start with something like the Tatuus F4, before moving on to faster and more aero-dependent Formula cars on the way to the pinnacle of Formula Raceroom. If you love GTs, we’ve got the full gamut, from vintage Group 5 monsters through to modern GT3 and GT4 machinery, via the fire-breathing GT1 era and more.

    Our passion for racing and the freedom of the Raceroom environment has also allowed us to present you with some very different machinery, such as Volkswagen’s lightspeed-quick ID.R electric hillclimb special, brutal race trucks, track-day specials such as the McLaren Mercedes SLR 722 GT - and then at the other end of the scale even a high-powered go-kart crossed with a shopping trolley!

    We’ve also built on strong relationships with major series such as DTM and WTCR to bring you officially-licensed content that uniquely allows you to play through multiple seasons, with the real cars that competed in each year. Want to try and be the World Touring Car champion ten years running? In Raceroom you can set up single player championships that will take you from the WTCC era of 2013 all the way through to the current WTCR generation. It’s the same with DTM (whether the classic saloons of the ‘90s, the legendary silhouettes of the 2000s or the modern GT3 spec), the Porsche Carrera Cup and ADAC GT Masters.

    Similarly with circuits: there’s a world of opportunity for you to sample. We’ve deliberately made some tracks that are relatively unknown but deserve your attention: certainly our national Swedish tracks fit that category, tight, twisty and challenging. Want to really test your touring car chops: try a lap around the fearsome Macau circuit, where the walls close in around you. We also feature many major tracks from the F1 calendar, a great selection of classic American courses (including Laguna Seca, Sears Point and Daytona) and, of course, the mother of all racing circuits: the Nürburgring Nordschleife.

    You can use this free trial period to try out all four of Raceroom’s game modes. You can race alone against our customisable AI drivers in single races or create your own multi-event championship; try and set the fastest lap for any given car and track combination in our Leaderboard challenges; compete for glory (and prizes!) in our regular esports competitions; or become part of the active Raceroom online community and participate in any of our multiplayer races, which are live 24 hours a day.

    So dive in – and have fun! The free period will directly followed by our Summer Sale, commencing June 26th. There will be big discounts on all cars, tracks and packs, so you can take full advantage after sampling Raceroom in the coming weeks.

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    The sale didn't start yet.