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  1. KW Studios

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    Jan 29, 2015
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    Here you can find all the changelogs of our updates.

    To discuss individual patches you can find their own threads in these forums.
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  2. Sonat Ozturk

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    Jan 13, 2015
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    May 21 - 2013

    Game & Code & Performance:
    Full controller support. The cursor can be controlled in menus with analog stick on gamepads and steering wheels.
    Improved & updated controller support. (Reverse replicate for steering, new hot key options).
    Added additional controller options for steering sensitivity and min/max range.
    Added additional controller option for gamepads; return multiplier (front wheel return/snap back to center).
    Improved Analog Sector values for more accurate gamepad control.
    Instant Replays in-game. Press R to instantly see a replay of the cool move you've done.
    HUD elements can now be toggled on/off in replays.
    Implemented and improved free camera logic & cam collision.
    Data displays are now showing properly in replays.
    Tweaked Zoom in/out functions in replays for certain cameras, disabled them for cameras where it's not meant to be used.
    Camera names will no longer show when replay controls are hidden.
    Optimized Localization. Game now supports letters with accents.
    Improved & updated font support.
    Fixed an issue where Russian keyboard inputs were not showing the right characters despite setting the Language for Unicode programs.
    Fixed various typos in menus, portal, car/track information and descriptions.
    Optimized Media Hub.
    Player can now have infinite amount of replay files in Media Hub.
    Optimized Menu transitions.
    Optimized GPU performance.
    Optimized Memory usage.
    Optimized CPU usage.
    Improved patching system to shrink the patch file size in future updates.
    Removed the launcher functionality in game as it's no longer relevant; the game now executes faster.
    Fixed pathing issues that could occur on Win 7 and 8 when the Windows or the game was not installed in the default location.
    Fixed various issues that occurred when adjusting car setup and going back to the game.
    Fixed issues that could occur when rewinding/navigating a replay via its progress bar.
    Fixed an issue where skidding sound could trigger while wheels are rotating.
    Fixed inconsistencies with car marker positions on track layouts.
    Fixed an issue where wind screen of player car could start flickering after overtaking an AI car.
    Fixed issues where data display and dashboard displays were inconsistent on some of the cars.
    Fixed an issue where ghost files would appear corrupt.
    Apex hunt progress now shows properly in the menus.
    Re-enabled Legacy Mode (Game runs in Windows XP, though not fully supported).
    Fixed issues that would occur if the player had multiple controllers connected.
    Prepared the game for future content.
    Groundwork for future features.
    Fixed various individual issues that could potentially cause crashes.

    Portal & Leaderboards & Competitions:
    Implemented Class based Leaderboards.
    Leaderboards have been changed and improved. The look and feel of the leaderboards have changed. Filters are now presented in a more user-friendly way.
    Updated & Improved the in-game browser.
    Players can now subscribe to specific leaderboards, which gets added as a widget to the dashboard for quick access.
    Search functionality has been improved. It is now faster.
    Added summary to the sidebars to provide better and more user-friendly information about the selected leaderboard.
    Added galleries for store items. Players can now see different screenshots for cars/tracks.
    Fixed an issue where player avatars sometimes would appear blank in the leaderboards.
    Various improvements in the backend/frontend.

    Art & Art Code:
    Optimized motion blur and fixed various motion blur related issues on cars.
    Implemented a new lighting system for better illumination.
    Implemented a new car paint shader for better visuals on cars.
    Implemented a new gravel/dirt shader.
    Various art fixes & tweaks in Suzuka tracks.
    Various art fixes & tweaks in Lakeview Hillclimb tracks.
    Various art fixes & tweaks in Raceroom Hillclimb tracks.
    Various art fixes & tweaks in Bathurst.
    Various art fixes & tweaks in Raceroom Raceway tracks.
    Various art fixes & tweaks in Hockenheimring tracks.
    Various art fixes & tweaks in Monza tracks.
    Various art fixes & tweaks in Zandvoort tracks.
    Various art fixes & tweaks in Portimao tracks.

    Various AI fixes & tweaks.

    June 27 - 2013

    Game & Code:
    · Novice Mode. A new mode with numerous auto-assists for beginners.
    · TrackIR support. (Please update the game list in your TrackIR software to get R3E profile exposed on the list)
    · Memory Optimizations.
    · Fixed an issue where car image was overlapping the scrollbar in Apex Hunt info screens.
    · Fixed an issue where the player Get Real car setup would not save in Zandvoort GP.
    · Removed scrollbar from apex hunt info screen.
    · Fixed option descriptions where they wouldn't fit the given space.
    · Fixed an issue where AI would take over if player paused during the initial run up of a Leaderboard Challenge session.
    · Fixed some DirectX related leaks that could cause performance issues.
    · Improved the Swingman Camera.
    · Fixed an issue where the Game Settings pane was showing Amateur, despite selecting Get Real as difficulty.
    Fixed an issue where game would not start when challenging someone or launching an event via the website from an external browser.
    Fixed an issue where the player still could control camera and change TC in pause/garage menus in Hillclimb tracks.
    Optimized replays.
    Hud improvements in Replays.
    Fixed an issue where Launcher was running every time player started the game.
    Fixed a crash that could occur when changing video resolution.
    Pause menu now shows which track layout player is on, rather than just the track.
    Fixed an issue where free flight camera was not removing HUD elements.
    Fixed an issue where the game video settings would reset the refresh rate to 60hz, despite changing it to something higher and restarting to apply the change.
    Smoke/dust particles from a session now reset when restarting the race.
    Added extra logging functionalities to help us investigate why some of our players are having communication issues with our server (error code 2).
    Fixed an issue where raceline wasn't showing if player deletes the local ghost file.

    Art & Art Code:
    · Updated Reflections on all cars.
    · Tweaked and improved the shader/graphics on rims.
    · Removed unused rendering functionality that was active when dynamic reflection is enabled.
    · Fixed an issue where parts of the car weren't rendering in chase cam view.
    · Various art fixes in Lakeview Hillclimb both layouts.
    · Various art fixes in RaceRoom Raceway.
    · Fixed an issue where Portimao National was casting the wrong shadows.
    · Fixed an issue in Portimao with granstand shadow disappearing and reappearing depending on player car position.
    · Fixed a collision issue in Zolder where car could clip through a crew member.
    · Fixed a minor inconsistency on Zakspeed Capri's hud shift indicator.
    · Fixed minor flickering issues on Alpina B6 GT3 lights.
    · Fixed minor flickering issues on Mistral 530 lights.
    · Fixed a minor animation issue on driver in BMW M3 GT2.
    · Fixed minor driver and interior issues in McLaren-Mercedes SLR 722 GT.

    AI, Physics & Audio:
    · Fixed & improved BMW Z4 audio.
    · Fixed AI shaking the DMD P20 at leaderboard challenge starts.
    · Tweaked cut track rules in Monza. Player can no longer use the dirt on exit of final chicane.
    · Fixed issue where BMW 320 was hitting the rev limit for long periods in some tracks.
    · Tweaked gear ratio for Canhard R52 and fixed issue where it was hitting the rev limit in some tracks.
    · Tweaked gear ratio for P 4/5 Competizione

    Portal & Web Backend:
    · Improvements in the web backend for better performance.
    · Fixed an issue where the first name of a player was appearing several times on some of the right column of Competition pages.
    · Fixed an issue where Leaderboard global position was sometimes incorrect when applying certain filters.
    · Player will be directed to the competition lederboard after exiting the competition.
    · Added Autofiltering for when clicking leaderboards from in-game.
    · Fixed an issue where double boxes would appear in Leaderboards, when selecting Driver drop down menu.
    · Fixed and issue where friends could appear in pending and in friends lists at the same time.
    · Fixed an issue where Leaderboard entries did not reflect the player's current Profile setting.
    · Fixed issues with leaderboard updater where changing your firstname and lastname wouldn't affect leaderboards.
    · Challenge participate buttons are now removed when a competition is over.
    · Fixed missing information in the popup window player gets, when challenging a ghost of a car they do not own.
    · Car/Class filter is now in alphabetical order.
    · Implemented Class based competition support.
    · Fixed issue with custom widget where after adding an URL, it would take user out of the portal.
    · Fixed issue where in the in-game browser sometimes 2 tabs were showing as marked at the same time.
    · Fixed challenge button in the leaderboard widgets.
    · Added summary info in the competition sidebar.
    · Improved 404 error page.
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  3. Sonat Ozturk

    Sonat Ozturk Well-Known Member

    Jan 13, 2015
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    June 28 - 2013
    - Fixed an issue where applications using "Write to Shared Memory" was not working.

    - Fixed game sometimes not shutting down correctly and remaining running in the background.

    - Removed some files and folders that could be considered spoilers for future content.

    July 02 - 2013

    - Fixed an issue where stats were not resetting and adding on top of eachother.

    July 10 - 2013

    - Re-enabled stats such as time spent and laps driven. They were frozen for a few days while we were investigating the problem. We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for you patience.
    - Fixed an issue with stats where time spent in the main menu was getting added as time spent on a track.
    - Fixed an issue where game would not detect resolutions with higher refresh rate properly.
    - Fixed a rare issue where VRP's were not getting awarded if there was a timeout from Steam Servers during the transaction process.
    - Fixed an inconsistency where the in-game position bar was showing a different LB position than the LB in portal.

    August 5 - 2013
    Game & Code
    - Added Wrecker prevention. This is mainly for upcoming features but also works in Track Test. Player car will be ghosted when it resets, when it drives the wrong way and similar scenarios.
    - Renamed our executables to RRRE to help with issues some 3rd party programs were having. Unfortunately, your 3rd party program might also need an update to support the change.
    - Fixed an issue with downloading own ghosts if local ghost file has been deleted.
    - Fixed ghost trying to download and fail when starting a competition you already have an entry in.
    - Fixed Expert Apex hunt completion screen skipping without any key press.
    - Improved the logging functionality to provide us more information on certain errors (e.g. error code 2).
    - Fixed smoke render making the car edges look pixelated on some systems.
    - Fixed a DirectX particle related issue that could cause a crash on some systems.
    - Fixed an issue where maintenance mode messaging wasn't handled graciously if the player was in the game when the maintenance mode was activated.
    - Fixed a crash that could occur when entering a track after leaving another track.
    - Fixed fast motion blur appearing corrupt on some occasion.
    - Fixed complex motion blur not working in cockpit mode.
    - Updated default controller profile for Thrustmaster F430 FFB. FFB Rumble and speed sensitive steering set to 0.
    - Fixed a distance issue with tire mark generation.
    - Alpina is now called BMW Alpina.
    - Updated copyright info on executable details.
    - Fixed an issue with sound manager in code that could cause a rare crash.
    - Fixed some hud strings appearing unlocalized in replay.
    - Fixed an issue when using an assigned clutch button, the values for clutch sensitivity and steering sensitivity would become synchronous.
    - Fixed a crash that could occur when changing video settings on some systems.
    - Improved overall environment shadows.
    - Shadow split is now ON by default in medium preset in video settings.
    - Fixed confirm button string in Spanish on buy popups.
    - Optimized loading times.
    - Fixed an issue with first replay file not getting a number and ending up showing in wrong - order.
    - Fixed a memory leak after game initialization.
    - Prepared the build for future content releases.

    - Implemented discount functionality.
    - Fixed an issue where some users were getting “Server connection timeout” issues for a long time.
    - Fixed an issue where position bar wasn't getting filled with other entries, when doing a class based LBC in novice mode.
    - Fixed an issue where top banners in store page were sometimes not appearing correctly.
    - Fixed an issue where player LB entry was not centered in the table.
    - Fixed jump to my position not functioning correctly.
    - Fixed an inconsistency between the LB position number in in-game position bar and LB entry in the LB table.
    - Fixed gPos showing the same position as the filtered position when filtering a LB.
    - Fixed an issue where you could get multiple entries of a car in a LB.
    - Fixed an issue where LB entries of friends weren't showing in the bar above the LB table.
    - Added a friendlier internal server error page.
    - Added a user friendly page for users getting currency mismatch error.
    - Added a user friendly error message for transaction failures.
    - Fixed an issue where some users were having currency mismatch issues when trying to purchase VRP's.
    - Added Discounted items page to the store. (Won't be visible until there are discounts)
    - Added purchased items store page
    - Added recent content store page and set it as main page in the store
    - Added most popular content store page
    - Added ability to see individual liveries in large screenshots when magnifying.
    - Fixed functions like search and login not working on websites set as widget in dashboard.
    - Added VRP currency change option.

    - Tweaked Raceroom Hillclimb shadows
    - Fixed minor issues on lamp posts, fixed structures and some trees not casting shadows in Monza.
    - Adjusted/tweaked the particles for all cars for better ambient lighting.
    - Improved collision shape for all cars.
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  4. Sonat Ozturk

    Sonat Ozturk Well-Known Member

    Jan 13, 2015
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    August 15 - 2013
    - Fixed rare crash when clicking on buttons in the main menu.
    - Fixed a crash when adding/removing file names with special characters to/from ReplayData folder.
    - Fixed an issue in calculating the main screen rectangle in 3 and 5 screen setups.
    - Fixed FoV changing at first race on triple monitors.
    - Fixed an issue with portal not launching events properly from Firefox.

    September 02 - 2013
    - Added a new livery for an upcoming competition.
    - Updated the audio for Corvette C6R GT2.
    - Fixed the "American Nationals" class logo so it now displays properly.

    October 17 - 2013

    Game & Game Code:
    - Prepared the build for upcoming releases.
    - Fixed an issue in data displays so the default values no longer appear random.
    - Fixed an issue with special characters and accents not appearing in description windows.

    AI & Physics & Audio:
    - Tweaked performance of Chevrolet Camaro GT3.
    - Fixed AI going off-track in few areas at Indianapolis.
    - Tweaked AI for all cars for better performance vs Player.
    - Fixed a minor issue with McLaren SLR audio.
    - Tweaked the wheeltemplate to perform better when speed sensitivity steering disabled.
    - Added more throttle and brake vibe to Thrustmaster T500RS and T500 Ferrari F1 Wheel default profiles.

    Art & Art Code:
    - Improved shaders and added new shaders.

    October 24 - 2013
    - Prepared the build for upcoming events.


    Game & Code:
    - Fixed Steam error appearing when launching the game via an external browser while the game is already running.
    - Fixed a startup failure when the game is installed in a folder with special characters in its name.
    - Fixed an inconsistency between HUD data display and the cockpit data display.
    - Fixed an issue where Hud wouldn't return when pausing and resuming during free cam mode.
    - Fixed an issue where tail lights would stop rendering when switching to an AI in Instant Replay.
    - Various fixes to issues when using gamepad to control the mouse cursor.
    - Fixed an issue where the shifting would stop working if the player changes profile during a game session.
    - Fixed a data display issue where default values were random.
    - Various improvements and optimizations to the sound engine.
    - Fixed an issue where restart button was sometimes not functioning in Track Test.
    - Fixed various issues where users damage settings would change after doing a Leaderboard Challenge.
    - Tweaked collision feelers.
    - Optimized collision detection.
    - Optimized the core engine and rendering code to improve performance.
    - Improved overall Force Feedback.
    - Optimized memory allocation. Fixed various memory leaks.
    - Optimized memory in rendering.
    - Optimized CPU usage.
    - Fixes and tweaks to various localization issues.
    - Fixed an issue that would sometimes occur when trying to save a screenshot.
    - Optimized Physics code.
    - Improved control device recognition and added a “Detect Controllers” button in Controller - Profiles menu.
    - Optimized loading.
    - Optimized the camera system.
    - Various fixes and improvements to the gearbox logic.
    - Various fixes and improvements to the in-game video player.
    - Fixed issues where Media Hub would not show replays that contained special characters in their name.
    -Fixed an issue where screenshot upload was not working if the screenshot name contained special characters.
    - Fixed an issue where “Toggle Driver Names” and “Brake Bias Rear” were using the same keybind.
    - Fixed an issue where a car could lose its wheel and stop working if Visual Damage was ON, even though Mechanical Damage was OFF.
    - Optimized Screenshot sharing, upload/download system.
    - Fixed an issue where pressing Alt+F4 while loadingwas causing graphical issues.
    - Fixed an issue when returning from Pause Menu the “Paused” message would appear.
    - Fixed an issue where camera settings were sometimes not getting saved.
    - Fixed crash that would occur if the game is left on on a track for 4+ hours.
    - Added toggle to turn on/off the overlays on replays.
    - Improved the swingman camera.

    - Added Reflection Type option in Video Settings. From simple to Full 1K resolution cubemaps. (Lower the reflection type if you are having performance issues).
    - Added Track Texture Quality option in Video Settings.
    - Added Car Texture Quality option in Video Settings.
    - Changed the default settings for the low/med/high preset settings.
    - Various improvements and optimizations to shaders.
    - Improved and Optimized the rendering in rearview mirrors.
    - Fixed an issue where yellow bars would appear on loading screens on some systems.
    - Fixed a compression issue on some curb and ground detail material.
    - Improved and Optimized tiremarks and tiremark generation.
    - Optimized overall Rendering.
    - Optimized Car Rendering.
    - Optimized Car reflections.
    - Improved rendering of race lines.
    - Various fixes and tweaks to motion blur.
    - Improved motion blur on edges of car body.
    - Fixed an issue where changing lod detail would not update the game.
    - Optimized split shadow rendering.
    - Increased shadow resolution to minimize shadow flickering on cars.
    - Disabled lens effect on tracking tv cameras.
    - Added Occlusion culling for cars.
    - Optimized shadow LOD settings.
    - Various shadow lod fixes and improvements.

    - Various art fixes to Koenigsegg CCGT.
    - Various art fixes to BMW M1 Procar.

    Physics, Camera, AI:
    - Tweaked cut track rules in Indianapolis.
    - Tweaked AI tyres on all cars.
    - Improved AI in Hungaroring.
    - Improved AI in Indianapolis.
    - Tweaked wheeltemplate to work better without speed sensitive steering.
    - Added throttle and brake vibe to Thrustmaster T500RS, Thrustmaster T500 Ferrari F1 default profiles.

    - Fixed Corvette C6R GT2 audio.
    - Fixed McLaren SLR audio.
    - Fixed a synchronization issue with Announcer sound triggers.
    - Improved sound fading on replay cameras.
    - Fixed an issue where broken gearbox sound for Aquila CR1 was different in Instant Replay.
    - Fixed some sound trigger issues in Hungaroring.
    - Tweaked and improved the color depth for realtime reflection.
    - Fixed various graphical glitches on startup and when finishing a race.

    Portal & In-game Browser & Online Protocol:
    - Fixed an issue with dropdown list rendering in browser.
    - Fixed issue with crashing if joining from external browser when restarting session.
    - Added competition summary in the sidebar when clicking the competition banner.
    - Various changes and improvements to the store pages.
    - Added an icon next to User Name in the user profile to show the online status.
    - In the Leaderboards, when you click in a user name the sidebar now displays information about the user.
    - Fixed an issue with mail confirmation not getting received by the user.
    - Temporarily disabled Gpos (global position) in Leaderboards.
    - Various optimizations to the in-game Web Browser.
    - Added ability to change e-mail in Account Settings.
    - Added ability to delete account in Account Settings.
    - Added ability to separate/de-associate your Steam account in Account Settings.
    - Portal is now also available in French, Italian, German, Spanish.
    - Added Brand Pages.
    - Added redeem code system.
    - Added Newsfeed.
    - Improved the search functionality.
    - Various fixes and improvements to the Leaderboard filtering.
    - Revamped the User stats. The old basic stats are no longer available.
    - Fixed an issue where Login was not functioning in Internet Explorer 10.
    - Optimized Leaderboard stats caching.
    - Fixed an issue where in the leaderboard side pane the top 10 avatars would not appear correctly.
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  5. Sonat Ozturk

    Sonat Ozturk Well-Known Member

    Jan 13, 2015
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    - Fixed the Race Positions overlay so it also works on invalid laps.
    - Optimized tiremark rendering.
    - Fixed an issue with shadows not rendering in the edge of the screen in some cases.
    - Fixed a critical issue where the game user files could not be installed in the Documents folder, if players Windows User folder contained special characters.


    Updated localization with various corrections and fixes.
    Added a new track and a special livery for a competition launching soon. Checkinsider.simbin.com for more information on upcoming events.
    Fixed an issue in DTM Experience Timing screen where the user could inadvertently select another driver after clicking on the list of personal times.
    Fixed an issue where the cars could lose their position when driving on the track section marked as pit entrance.
    Optimized the short term black screen that was appearing after loading into a session.
    Fixed various issues with network file paths for user data.
    Improved memory usage in game for 32-bit Windows systems.
    Added an option to toggle ON/OFF the overlays. (E.g. DTM Experience in game hud overlays).
    Fixed an issue where Automatic gearbox could sometimes not go into reverse from first gear at very low speeds.
    DTM Data Display: Tweaked the threshold for when gearbox damage indicator lights up.
    DTM Data Display: Fixed an issue where Aerodynamics damage indicator was lighting up when Mechanical Damage was set to OFF.
    Repositioned some of the DTM overlays.
    Changed the color of the Invalid Lap time overlay from red to yellow to indicate that it is a reminder about lap being invalid.
    Fixed the color on Lap by Lap split times.
    Fixed an issue where the overlay for the track name and upcoming session wasn't cut out correctly.
    Changed the order in Media hub. Media hub now sorts the list from newest to oldest.
    Fixed an issue where on certain systems the game was not recognizing the correct resolution and aspect ratio on windowed modes. Because of this, the mouse cursor was not highlighting menu buttons when hovering over them.
    Fixed an issue where special characters still weren't appearing correctly in in-game position bar.
    Fixed an issue where key repeat was not working properly on some buttons on steering wheels, causing flickering when changing driving view.
    Fixed an issue where the game was not reading the car setup values correctly after restarting in a Leaderboard Challenge.
    Fixed an issue with AI driver name tags were appearing mispositioned on triple screen mode.
    Fixed an issue where automatic shift sometimes wasn't downshifting.
    Fixed an issue where the eliminated AI would start driving if player had started Instant Replay while in Qualifying.
    Fixed an issue where position bar settings would not get remembered correctly after starting a new session.
    Fixed an issue where certain underclocked/overclocked systems with faster/slower system timers, would get Invalid Lap despite not cutting the track.
    Fixed an issue with the apply confirmation button becoming greyed out in Video settings on some occasions.
    Fixed a rare crash that could occur when switching focus out of the game by ALT+TAB, right after game was started.
    Fixed a rare crash that could occur when exiting the game.
    Fixed an issue with broken pause menu when disqualified.
    Optimized data calls and on DTM overlays. This will reduce stuttering some users get when overlays appear.
    Fixed an issue where the position bar was not showing the last digit on four digit position numbers.

    Increased the shadow resolution.
    Increased the precision of shadow maps.
    Fixed and issue with LOD priorities for shadows.
    Tweaked shadow maps for medium and high settings to remove flickering.
    The particle quality setting now affects the particle resolution. This will reduce halos and flickering from particles on high settings.
    Optimized reflections.
    Tweaked automatic graphics options.
    Tweaked maximum virtual mirror size.
    Disabled shadows in rearview mirrors.
    Added Rearview Mirror Quality setting to Graphics options.
    Added Shader Quality setting to Graphics options.

    Fixed an issue with Adaptive AI where the data was storing when restarting or quitting non race sessions.
    Adaptive AI: Added default AI difficulty values for each difficulty. If there is no previous AI data on a track, the default values will be used which differs based on difficulty now.
    Fixed an issue with Adaptive AI where an interpolation issue could occur if the average performance difference between two AI were too small.
    Fixed an issue where AI would return to pits on the lap before the last lap, if the player wins the race with overlap.

    Portal, In-Game Browser, Online Protocol
    Increased timeout time for online protocol communication which should reduce the timeout issues some users are having.
    Increased the amount of subscribers showing in Subscribers section in Brand Pages to 500.
    Improved error handling.
    Improved Connection error screen.
    Fixed an issue where News feed could show multiple instances of the same entry.
    Removed the limit of Search only showing 10 results.
    Fixed an issue where player would get error 209 continuously if he/she did not log in at first attempt.
    Purchased page will be hidden until the user has purchased content.
    Improved Newsfeed entries filtering.
    Fixed unnecessary file store connection usage on portal images.
    Fixed an issue where in-game leaderboard always defaulted to Amateur rather than what the player used last.
    Temporarily disabled “delete account” option in account settings due to some players accidentally deleting and requesting restoring which is not possible.

    - Optimized memory allocation when recording replays which was causing crashes on 32-bit systems.
    - Fixed an error which caused issues with positioning of HUD elements (DTM overlays).
    - Fixed a rare crash that could occur when trying to reset Swingman/chase camera position.
    - Improved online protocol and potentially fixed a rare connection issue some users experienced.
    - Fixed an issue where error 104 would occur when trying to re-login after the auto login failed, despite entering the right credentials.
    - Fixed an issue where portal would show error 500 while browsing Advanced Statistics in Portal.

    - Fixed an issue with FaceBook frame position after refreshing the Brand Page.
    - Fixed an issue with Subscribing in Brand Pages and subscriptions sometimes flickering.
    - Subscribers page now shows the number of subscribers correctly on top.
    - Fixed an issue with the order in Recent content page in Store.
    - Added photo-feed widget to portal where you can see all the screenshots R3E users are sharing.
    - Added print buttons to EULA's.
    - Fixed Leaderboard filters not applying to Top 10 profiles in the sidebar.


    Fixed an issue with AI adaptation logic where some intermediate AI skill levels could cause the AI to generate lap time 0.
    Fixed a rare crash on exit.
    Optimized and made various fixes to collision detection and processing. Cars no longer teleport and cars no longer clip through the tarmac after collision.
    Fixed rare freeze crash issues that could occur during loading and driving.
    Fixed memory overflow issue on 32-bit systems. 32-bit systems should no longer experience memory related crashes/freezes.

    Re-enabled stats.


    Added a toggle to turn off Corner markers to Custom Settings in Video Options. Please note the tracks will need to be updated for this to take effect. For now this update will only work on updated tracks that are mentioned in the Art changelog below. More tracks will be updated with next patch in 2 weeks.
    Enabled DTM Experience purchase with vRP's.
    Fixed an issue where replay files would get game mode “Menu” tag on certain instances.
    Fixed an issue where the Apex Hunt raceline for Canhard R52 in RaceRoom Raceway Hillcimb track was appearing beneath the tarmac.
    Updated localization with various fixes.

    RaceRoom Raceway and all its layouts have been updated for corner marker toggle.
    RaceRoom Hillclimb both layouts have been updated for corner marker toggle.
    Lakeview Hillclimb both layouts have been updated for corner marker toggle.
    Tweaked diffuse values of all cars for better visuals.
    Tweaked transparency textures of Interior windows for all cars.
    Audi R8 LMS Ultra – Various fixes to interior textures.
    BMW 320 Turbo – Updated windows banners.
    Zakspeed Capri – Updated windows banners.
    Various tweaks to characters around tracks. Adjusted lighting and color tone.

    Physics & Audio:
    Minor performance update to McLaren MP4-12C GT3
    Audio: Improved backfire reverb effects in cockpit.

    Portal & Online Protocol & In-Game Browser.
    - Added Season Passes section to player profiles. Players who have DTM Experience season pass 2013/2014 will get a sticker.
    - Added DTM Experience 2013 to the Store.
    - Added Hardware section which directs user to RaceRoom Entertainment Hardware website.
    - Re-enabled delete account functionality with additional e-mail confirmation to avoid accidental deletions.
    - Changed the competition flow. Difficulty is selected upon choosing the competition instead of having three separate ones. Only one entry per player regardless of difficulty.
    - Added Friends only functionality to the photo feed widget.
    - Updated Social media buttons and various backend improvements to brand pages.
    - Various improvements to the discount functionality.
    - Various improvements to Leaderboards.
    - Various improvements to the newsfeed functionality.
    - Fixed an issue there the top 10 avatars were showing the default R3E avatar in the leaderboard side panel despite players having custom avatars.
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  6. Sonat Ozturk

    Sonat Ozturk Well-Known Member

    Jan 13, 2015
    +2,012 / 0 / -0

    - Fixed an issue where the falken livery award was remaining hidden for users who had joined the competition.

    - Fixed an issue where the loading screens were not rotating and showing the same screen each load.

    - DTM Experience - Fixed an issue where the Championship standings from the first race was getting overwritten when entering second race (Brands Hatch), causing mix-up in driver names.

    On a side-note the new NVIDIA drivers released yesterday no longer crashes while running the game so it should be ok to update to latest NVIDIA drivers 335.23.

    - Fixed an issue where the vRP balance was not updating after purchasing DTM Experience. (Visual only)
    - Updated the competition functionality to prepare for the new types of competitions that will start running soon.
    - Fixed a crash some users were having when launching DTM Experience.
    - Fixed an issue where the top bar of leaderboards weren't showing all friend entries (the dots on top bar).


    SimBin intro can now be skipped.
    Removed the exit screen.
    Increased timeout for the initial server request to avoid “Error code 0”.
    Fixed an issue in the AI waypoint system that could cause a crash after race start in DTM races with AI.

    Updated Bathurst Circuit Mount Panorama for the corner marker toggle.
    Updated Circuit Park Zandvoort and all its layouts for the corner marker toggle.
    Updated Hockenheimring and all its layouts for the corner marker toggle.
    Updated Mid Ohio and all its layouts for the corner marker toggle.
    Updated Portimao Circuit and all its layouts for the corner marker toggle.
    Updated Suzuka Circuit and all its layouts for the corner marker toggle.
    Updated Mazda Laguna Seca for the corner marker toggle.

    Portal & Online Protocol:
    Added VIP profiles for real life racing drivers.
    Added Class based competition.
    Added Competition History tab for players to see their entries in old events.
    DTM Competitions can now be accessed via R3E portal.
    Added translation support for Brands.
    Fixed an issue where the redeem code would give an error if one of the content unlocked with the code was already owned by the player.
    Fixed an issue where the photo feed widget scrollbar was broken when added to the Dashboard.
    Fixed an issue where the info pane was broken if player launched the game through DTM competition and then returned to the R3E menus.

    - Optimized rendering for better performance when mirrors are toggled off.

    - Updated Zolder for the corner marker toggle.
    - Updated Hungaroring for the corner marker toggle.
    - Updated Indianapolis for the corner marker toggle.
    - Updated Monza for the corner marker toggle.
    - Improved performance issues in Portimao.


    - Added content that will be available in store soon.
    - Added content for a special event this weekend. Check insider.simbin.com for more information soon.

    - Improved multichannel read/front balance volume for all cars.
    - Added locked brake sounds for all cars.
    - Updated P4/5 Competizione cockpit sounds.

    - Fixed an issue where some players were getting Error 404 after exiting a competition.
    - Fixed an issue where only the first 500 subscribers were getting updates on newsfeed from fan pages.
    - Various optimizations and fixes to the portal backend and frontend.


    Updated several tracks for upcoming competitions. Check insider.simbin.com for more information soon.
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  7. Sonat Ozturk

    Sonat Ozturk Well-Known Member

    Jan 13, 2015
    +2,012 / 0 / -0


    - Added Multiplayer Alpha for DTM Experience 2014 Season Pass Holders. MP Alpha will be available to all DTM Experience 2013 owners with next patch in few weeks, and to all R3E users at a later date.
    - Added new content for upcoming competitions.
    - Added new content that will be available soon.
    - Added keybinding options to increase/decrease head movement in cockpit.
    - Fixed a memory leak in car setup screen.
    - Various updates and fixes to localization.
    - Fixed some issues that was occurring with the lap counter in Instant replay.
    - Fixed an issue with the resource clean up when exiting to menus.
    - Fixed an issue where the options menu would become broken in DTM, after playing a championship.
    - Fixed an issue where the replay metadata could get the wrong game mode tag. (Menu instead of Race etc.)
    - Fixed an issue where the raceline was under tarmac in RaceRoom Hillclimb reverse layout in Apex Hunt.
    - Fixed the lap distance for RaceRoom Hillclimb.
    - Fixed wrong layout/livery in R3E Menus after leaving DTM Experience.
    - Fixed an issue where player could drive while in garage menu in HillClimb track test.
    - Fixed a threading issue in screenshot sharing.
    - Fixed an issue where competitions that had required content wasn’t communicating properly with online protocol to get users content list.
    - Fixed a crash that could occur when clicking “yes” in “found device without profile” dialogue window.
    - Fixed an issue where the steering would look choppy in replays on high rotation usage.
    - Fixed a memory leak on startup of Leaderboard challenges. (Stats)
    - Fixed steering linearity/ratio issues.
    - Updated all the controller profiles for steering fix to take affect. (Analog sectors are now 0.0 by default on steering wheels).
    - Fixed an issue where Championship replays were saved as Track Test.
    - Fixed an issue with DTM Experience Q4 parameters.
    - Fixed sector times appearing when disabling all HUD via options.
    - Improved replay fidelity by improving wheel deflection calculation.
    - Fixed an issue where HUD overlays could show during post race results.
    - Fixed exhaust flames appearing while the car is stationary.
    - Fixed so the reverse lights go off with ignition and when engine is starting.
    - Fixed an issue where the AI names would appear for a frame at the lowest position on the position bar, whenever they completed a lap.
    - Fixed a bug in media hub with screenshots and vault files.
    - Added start lights to HUD.
    - Fixed a crash that was occurring when completing a hillclimb session.
    - Optimized HUD overlays for better performance.
    - Various memory optimizations.
    - Optimized Object physics (non-car objects).
    - Fixed a crash that could occur when repeatedly racing in a HillClimb Leaderboard Challenge.
    - Fixed a crash that was occurring when ending a race session through the pause menu in DTM Experience.
    - Fixed an issue in DTM Experience where the player could get wrong starting position after qualification.
    - Updated Shared Memory with more data. Documentation coming soon.


    - Adjusted the mipmap filters to reduce artifacts in mipmaps. (distorted textures with thin lines such as text, numbers etc.)
    - Fixed an issue with the sun bloom blowing up at the edges of the screen.
    - Fixed slow-mo motion blur for num-pad controls.
    - Fixed an issue with shadow rendering.
    - Added 4K resolution support.
    - Fixed color issues on car windows.
    - Fixed an issue with the preset shader quality on medium settings.
    - Fixed LOD issues with rim types and trunk on cars.
    - Improved particle culling of systems.


    - Fixed Hud rev not matching with the gear indicator on various cars.
    - Fixed a texture intensity issue on BMW M1 Procar.
    - Updated all DTM tracks for corner marker update.
    - Various minor art fixes to all DTM tracks.
    - Updated liveries on various cars.
    - Various art fixes to BMW Alpina B6


    - Fixed an issue where engine sound was louder from front on some cars.

    AI & Physics & FFB

    - Slight vibration tweaks to surface values of main road and secondary roads.
    - Refactored AI code.
    - Fixed an issue where loss of force feedback could occur when starting a new session.

    Portal & Online Protocol

    - Added various improvements to the Leaderboard system in backend.
    - Added ability to display Leaderboard entries for ANY difficulty level.
    - Made minor changes to the transaction history.
    - Added Multiplayer Browser.
    - Added sorting by player numbers by default.
    - Added show friends on the server, in the MP browser.
    - Added additional information about the server, in the MP browser.

    - Multiplayer - Fixed opponent cars appearing slightly tilted on curbs.
    - Fixed some stats not showing in advanced stats for track test, Single Race and Championship.


    • Added content that will be used in upcoming competitions. Check insider.simbin.com for more information soon.
    • Added new content that will be available in store soon.
    • Multiplayer: Fixed cars spawning in the same grid/pit spot
    • Multiplayer: Fix: dedicated server not always notifying clients when join request was refused.
    • Multiplayer: Fixed "p2p" flickering in some cases.
    • Multiplayer: Fixed a memory leak in network code.
    • Multiplayer: Fixed resetting fastest sector time holders when players leave (fastest lap time bug) and a bunch of similar bugs in timing screens/HUD overlays.
    • Multiplayer: Players count does not update until player has actually joined the track.
    • Single Player: Player avatar does not appear in starting grid and podium screens.


    • Advanced stats tab in DTM Experience now displays DTM content only as originally intended.
    • Changed filtering so that when selecting 'all cars" of a class in a leaderboard, it shows the best entry of the user, if he/she have different entries with different cars.
    • Rebuilt the leaderboard index for performance.
    • Added qualify and race length in the MP server browser info box.


    What’s New (Summary):
    • New RRE menus and overlays.
    • Single Race in R3E.
    • Multiplayer Alpha for R3E.
    • Pack system in store.
    • Dynamic discount system.
    • New Force Feedback
    • New Road bumps in listed tracks below.
    • AI difficulty can now be selected (R3E only for the moment)
    • New skyboxes.

    New Content:
    New Class in R3E - ADAC GT Masters 2013 Car Class
    • Ford GT GT3
    • Chevrolet Corvette Z06.R GT3
    • Audi R8 LMS Ultra
    • BMW Z4 GT3
    • Chevrolet Camaro GT3
    • Nissan GT-R GT3
    • Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG GT3

    New Car in GTR3 Car Class
    • Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG GT3

    New Tracks in R3E
    • Nürburgring
    • Motorsport Arena Oschersleben
    • EuroSpeedway Lausitz
    • Red Bull Ring Spielberg

    New Liveries
    • 18 new Free liveries for Aquila CR-1 Sports GT
    • 20 new liveries for BMW M1 Procar
    • 10 new liveries for Chevrolet Daytona Prototype

    • Added a new force feedback settings tab in options with modified and added ffb settings.
    • Optimized loading performance
    • Changed car reflection option to have Low and High settings.
    • We now automatically center the window on screen in windowed mode.
    • Changed default value for cockpit head movement from 0.5 to 0.1
    • Added option to change AI difficulty in R3E.
    • Added Single Race in R3E.
    • Added Multiplayer Alpha in R3E.
    • Optimized reflections and rendering.

    • Fixed an issue where the player count wasn’t updating until player had actually joined the track which was resulting in wrong player numbers in the browser.
    • Fixed an issue when a player comes from a session without damage and starts a new session in another game mode with damage, damage was off.
    • Fixed incorrect wheels RPM for remote cars.
    • Improved precision for wheels RPM for remote cars.
    • Fixed off-by-one error when rendering remote cars.
    • Added smoothing to velocity and rotation of remote cars for better collisions.
    • Fixed an issue where the player would get a replay without thumbnail after exiting a MP game during practice.

    • Updated skyboxes.
    • Updated Oschersleben with new road shader, optimizations for performance and ffb.
    • Updated Zandvoort with new road shader, optimizations for performance and ffb.
    • Updated Lausitzring with new road shader, optimizations for performance and ffb.
    • Updated Hockenheim with new road shader, optimizations for performance and ffb.
    • Updated Red Bull Ring with new road shader, optimizations for performance and ffb.
    • Updated Lausitzring with new road shader, optimizations for performance and ffb.
    • Updated Portimao with new road shader, optimizations for performance.
    • Fixed a flashing building issue in Mid Ohio.
    • Updated RaceRoom Raceway with optimizations for ffb.

    Camera & Physics & Force Feedback:
    • Updated default profiles to the new FFB improvements. Note: Your old custom profiles will be renamed and backed up when you launch the game after the update. These profiles should not be used due to the new FFB changes.
    • Added Thrustmaster T300RS Racing Wheel default profile.
    • Added Thrustmaster TX Racing Wheel default profile.
    • Modified grip on grass.
    • Decreased opponent car volume for all GT3 cars.
    • Fixed Brands Hatch Turn 2 camera.

    • BMW 635 CSi - Adjusted external sounds.
    • Fixed naming issues with DTM pitstop samples.
    • Improved BMW GT3 Z4 external sounds.
    • Updated GT3 car backfire sounds.

    • Added pack support. Store can now have content packs.
    • Added dynamic discount functionality that gives additional discount on overlapping or owned content.
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  8. Sonat Ozturk

    Sonat Ozturk Well-Known Member

    Jan 13, 2015
    +2,012 / 0 / -0

    - Fixed an issue where the linked discount was not applying to the linked car (e.g. ADAC 2013 Mercedes SLS <-> GTR3 Mercedes SLs for a while due to cache not refreshing after a pack purchase.
    - Fixed an issue with competitions not launching if the content of the competition is of another experience. Re-enabled the DTM Lausitzring competition.
    - Removed EvO (R3E Event Version) controller profiles that was uploaded by accident.
    - Fixed an issue with the race length being 5 laps on most tracks.
    - Fixed an issue where the user could not inspect the pack he/she purchased in the “Purchased Content” tab.


    - Fixed an issue where the AI difficulty was not working correctly in certain cases.


    What’s New (Summary)

    New Features:
    - Test Drive. Test any car for free.
    - Time of Day. Choose different time of day settings from sunrise to sunset to change the mood of your session.
    - Wheel Range in Car Setup. The game now automatically detects and sets the ideal wheel range for a car based on your wheel and its settings in the driver. This can also be manually changed in car setup.

    New Content:
    - WTCC Seat Leon
    - WTCC Chevrolet Cruze
    - WTCC Lada Granta
    - WTCC BMW E90 320
    - WTCC Honda Civic

    - Fixed an issue where the grid positions were not based on qualifying performance of the drivers when doing Single Race without Qualifying.
    - Fixed an issue where the player would get stuck with an “Already in a competition” message when entering a competition, backing out of it from car/livery selection menu and then trying to enter another competition.
    - Fixed an issue where user could not change the value in brake vibration under FFB settings.
    - Fixed an issue where during rolling start on Zandvoort, AI would finish their first lap when crossing the start line.
    - Added code to automatically set wheel range and steering lock if the steering wheel supports it.
    - Added steering setup screen under Car setup.
    - Added so the user can override default wheel range and steering lock on a per car basis.
    - Enabled Car setup for everyone (goes directly to steering setup if in novice or amateur)
    - Removed steering lock from Control Set (Since it's now stored per car if the user override the default value).
    - Decreased font size on car setup steeppers if the text doesn't fit
    - Fixed issue with timing screen scroll position
    - Fixed issue with steering wheel spinning by itself in race monitor.
    - Updated localisation.
    - Fixed so that the default control sets now show up in the menus if 1 of the devices that it's using have been connected.

    - Added livery id checks when clients join MP servers as opposed to just checking whether the user owns the content or not.

    AI & Audio & Physics & Controllers & Camera
    - Increased AI type grip on all cars.
    - Tweaked AI speed in Hungaroring.
    - Tweaked Suzuka Get Real AI speed.
    - Corrected front right spring strength and spring rates of Audi R8 Lms Ultra GTM.

    - Updated Monza with new road shader, optimizations for performance and ffb.
    - Updated Hungaroring with new road shader, optimizations for performance and ffb.
    - Updated Suzuka with new road shader, optimizations for performance and ffb.

    - Removed Dashboard.
    - Newsfeed is now under My Profile.
    - Changed the look and feel of the portal store page and portal menus.
    - Added News & deals section.
    - Implemented Test Drive.
    - Implemented Time of day support.
    - Various optimizations in the backend.
    - Fixed so that the big livery image is properly centered.
    - Made the default livery clickable again for a larger image.
    - Fixed a scaling issue on images that appeared in favourite cars.
    - Fixed alignment issues on popups about required content to join an event.
    - Added Resend Activation Email Functionality when user tries to login with an account that is not yet activated.


    - Fixed a force feedback loss issue with Logitech steering wheels.
    - Fixed rearview camera clipping on Honda Civic by changing ride height.
    - Tweaked Honda civic default car setup to compensate the ride height change.
    - Corrected rideheight on WTCC cars.
    - Tweaked AI on Hungaroring.
    - Added WTCC 2013 driver avatars.
    - Fixed an issue with update profile functionality that was causing login processing error for some users.
    - Fixed an issue where user was not returning to the individual content after exiting test drive.
    - Fixed an issue with leaderboard updater sometimes skipping updated leaderboard entries.
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  9. Sonat Ozturk

    Sonat Ozturk Well-Known Member

    Jan 13, 2015
    +2,012 / 0 / -0

    What’s New (Summary)
    - DTM Experience 2014.
    - Added new packs, DTM 2013, DTM 2014, European Track pack.
    - Moscow Raceway, Brands Hatch and Norisring now available in RRE.
    - Pit Stops (DTM 2014 Single Player only for now, it will be added to MP and other experiences later)
    - We changed the way we handle Experiences. E.g. DTM 2013 owners get all DTM 2013 content unlocked in RRE. (Some licence restriction may apply e.g. DTM 2014 cars will not be available in RRE right away)
    - Added Store cart system. You can now buy the exact amount of required vRP’s instead of buying vRP packs.
    - Portimao is now free for everyone.
    - Added new liveries to Saleen. All Saleen liveries are now free.
    - All tracks updated to latest standards with new shaders and RoadFeel

    - Added different tyre visuals. Two sets of tyres. Dtm 2014 only.
    - Fixed an issue where you would get duplicate liveries in Single Player.
    - Fixed an issue where the game was using wrong driving model when launching LBC/Competition through portal before entering an experience (main green orb).
    - Changed so that we can now have different race length types (laps and minutes) depending on an experience.
    - Fixed an issue where the game was not pausing when alt tabbing.
    - Updated localization.
    - Fixed so the cut track overlay is a warning instead of a penalty.
    - Fixed so the invalid lap overlay is a warning instead of a penalty.
    - Implemented support for different moods per track layout instead of global moods.
    - Updated localization.
    - Added new HUD element for car status.
    - Fixed an issue where special characters weren’t displayed correctly in the game.
    - We now allow up to 32 contact shadows in settings instead of 8.
    - Fixed an issue where the engine vibration setting wouldn’t save.
    - Fixed Return Multiplier defaulting to 0.1 and not saving if you changed it to 0.
    - Fixed: RedBull Ring audio during camera Fly By cutting off
    - Fixed: Game crashing if you start a single race after failing to join MP session
    - Fixed: Crash in AI adaptation when leaving event if no player was present.
    - Fixed: Not being able to load DTM Championships.
    - Fixed an issue with FFB lost at race start.
    - Fixed starting lights overlapping with the results if you retire before the race starts
    - Fixed an issue where the default camera is becomes cockpit cam when you play a session that starts in garage.
    - Fixed issue where Escape wasn’t working if AI had crossed the finish line first and player had to cross the line too to finish the race.
    - Fixed a gamepad rumble issue when you quit a race or get DQd
    - Fixed so the hood is replaced when repairing aerodynamics.
    - Updated default controlsets. Added DRS and pit menu bindings to all profiles and removed unused lines.
    - Fixed an issue with Data Display showing lap 1 as lap 0.
    - Increased max FFB vertical value to 400%
    - Fixed data display split times.
    - Removed countdown from data display and position bar.
    - Fixed so that the free cam uses player volume multiplier.
    - Enabled cut track rules setting in all experiences.

    - Monza - Fixed various art issues.
    - Brands_hatch – Various art fixes and higher resolution garage interiors.
    - Hockenheim – Various art fixes.
    - Hungaroring - Various art fixes.
    - Norisring – Various art fixes
    - Nurburgring - Various art fixes.
    - Lausitzring – Various art fixes
    - Redbull Ring - Various art fixes.
    - Zandvoort - Various art fixes.
    - Laguna Seca – Various art fixes.
    - Changed global fog settings.
    - Tweaked global lighting settings.
    - Improved road shader.
    - Updated WTCC 2013 cars with various fixes.
    - Updated RaceRoom Hillclimb with new road shader, optimizations for performance and ffb
    - Updated Lakeview Hillclimb with new road shader, optimizations for performance and ffb
    - Updated Indianapolis with new road shader, optimizations for performance and ffb
    - Updated Laguna Seca with new road shader, optimizations for performance and ffb
    - Updated Bathurst with new road shader, optimizations for performance and ffb
    - Updated Zolder with new road shader, optimizations for performance and ffb
    - Updated Portimao with new road shader, optimizations for performance and ffb.
    - Updated Moscow Raceway with new road shader, optimizations for performance and ffb

    Audio & AI & Physics & Camera
    - Fixed an issue where player would get unfair stop and go penalty on the last turn of Raceroom Raceway.
    - Updated Audi Quattro GTO physics for less understeer and improved AI for certain types of turns.
    - Fixed an issue with Radical SR9 Turbo logic to fix rolling start issues.
    - Increased force feedback multiplier on all cars.
    - Made AI not try to overtake cars in pit entry lane, unless really slow.
    - Norisring: Added more DRS activation points for AI.
    - Zandvoort: Added more DRS activation points for AI.
    - Hockenheim: Added more DRS activation points for AI.
    - Hungaroring: Added more DRS activation points for AI.
    - Moscow: Added DRS activation points for AI, improved Get Real AI behaviour.

    - Added shopping cart system. You no longer need to buy VRP packages and can purchase the exact needed VRP.
    - Changed the way we treat Experiences aka Experience 2.0. We no longer treat experiences as separate addons. An experience is now similar to a content that can be part of a pack.
    - Newsfeed improvements. Added more feeds to the newsfeed in player profile such as, news from subscribed fan page, competitions, discounts in store, friend activities.
    - Changed to new stats system. All stats prior to September 2014 have been wiped (sorry ).
    - Fixed an issue with store text not appearing complete in browsers.
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  10. Sonat Ozturk

    Sonat Ozturk Well-Known Member

    Jan 13, 2015
    +2,012 / 0 / -0
    Hotfix patch.

    - Increased server response timeout to 6 seconds to give more time to users trying to join an MP server after clicking a livery.
    - Fixed ADAC GT Masters 2014 Tomas Enge wrong spelling.
    - Fixed German "Verlassen" in timing screen not fitting the button box.
    - Fixed an issue with finishing the race after winner has crossing the finish line.
    - Fixed a crash when setting wheel range if wheel initialization failed.
    - Fixed ADAC GT Masters 2014 - Race winner overlay missing comma when 2 drivers are displayed.
    - Fixed Championship Winner screen listing the wrong driver number in some screens.
    - Fixed resolution option text no longer fitting the given space. The hertz in the resolution was not visible.
    - Fixed an issue where DTM 2014 cars were available in RRE. Unfortunately they have to remain exclusive to DTM 2014 for now. Sorry.


    What’s New

    - ADAC GT MASTERS 2014 Experience

    - ADAC 2014 - BMW Z4 GT3 2014
    - ADAC 2014 - Audi R8 LMS Ultra 2014
    - ADAC 2014 - McLaren MP4-12C GT3 2014
    - ADAC 2014 - Chevrolet Camaro GT3 2014
    - ADAC 2014 - Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG GT3 2014
    - ADAC 2014 - Chevrolet Corvette Z06.R GT3 2014

    And various new liveries.

    New Tracks:
    - Sachsenring
    - Slovakiaring

    - Fixed an issue where assigning a button wouldn’t override the other functionality that was using the same button.
    - Fixed: DTM 2014 – If player has no pit preset, tyre compound selection reverts to “prime” after pit menu overlay is closed
    - Fixed: Drive Through Penalty served is displayed after serving a Stop and go penalty.
    - Enabled Pit Stops in Multiplayer.
    - Enabled Pit Stops in RRE.
    - Added car status toggle in options.
    - Fixed certain downloaded ghosts causing a crash when spawned.
    - Improved pit waypoint system.
    - Fixed an issue where the user landed on the main green orb menu with experience themed text, after changing the language.
    - Fixed an issue where split time between drivers would sometimes show bad data for opponent.
    - Fixed track texture quality being linked to the car texture quality in graphic settings.
    - Fixed an issue where the bangers were still deformed after repairing aero in pit stop.
    - Added a check in code that makes sure the physics are definitely loaded for the player car.

    - Made the following changes to the wrecker prevention system:
    Ghosted if:
    - Going in the wrong direction for more than 3 seconds.
    - Standing still for more than 5 seconds
    - When resetting the car

    Unghosted when:
    - Driving in the correct direction
    - Going faster than 20m/s (72km/h)
    - No car within 5 meters

    Offline (Car reset only):
    - Only ghosted when resetting the car
    - Unghosted when going faster than 2m/s (7.2km/h) and no car within 5 meters.

    - Reduced damage when not using clutch to help with manual clutch shifting.
    - Fixed Race session ignoring preferred grid position set in game menu if Practice is ON but Qualify is OFF.
    - Fixed an exploit in Qualifying where the player could get an extra qualifying lap if they enter the pits instead of crossing the finish line at session end.
    - Corner Markers are now OFF by default in settings.
    - Fixed Lap counter in pause menu not always matching the real lap counter.
    - Fixed an issue where tyre flex was visible and stretching across the screen when car is on two wheels.
    - Improved code flow for initializing controllers and handling ffb restarts.

    - Limited the amount of server ping requests that can be active at the same time to 5.
    - We now freeze session times if there are no players connected in practice and Qualifying.
    - Increased MP server response timeout.

    Physics & AI & Camera & Audio:
    - McLaren MP4 - Improved external sounds.
    - McLaren MP4 – Lowered rear-view camera for better view.
    - Honda Civic WTCC 2013 – Fixed Stereo Panning Channel, adjusted cockpit sound.
    - Carlsson Judd – Fixed Stereo Panning Channel.
    - BMW 635 CSi: Improved overall sounds.
    - Made AI on main path not avoid cars in pit exit unless very slow.
    - Made AI in pit entry/exit not overtake other cars unless very slow.
    - Improved pit stop turn-in speed for low AI skill level.
    - Fixed an issue that could cause AI to pit too late.
    - Changed AI control timer when exiting pit from 3 to 0.
    - Improved general AI behavior on all tracks.

    - Chevrolet Camaro GT3 – Fixed issues with rear view and side mirrors.
    - BMW M3 E30 – Various art fixes.
    - McLaren MP4-12C: Fixed some reflection issues.
    - Portimao - Updatedwith new road shader, road bumps and various tweaks and bug fixes.
    - Zolder – Various art fixes such as flickering white lines
    - RedBull Ring – Various art fixes for shadows.
    - Hockenheim – Various art fixes.
    - Indianapolis – Various art fixes.
    - Nurburgring: Fixed flickering issues on some time of day settings.
    - Lakeview Hillclimb: Various art fixes.
    - Global: Tweaked shadows. Increased draw distance and limited noise.
    - Global: Minor tweaks to car materials. Boost of reflections. Adjusted chrome, increased specular intensity on car and in cockpit.

    - Added a discount functionality that pre-calculates the discounts before finalizing the order.
    - Added Newsfeed notification settings in profile.
    - Newsfeed now shows all FB updates from subscribed fan pages.
    - Various optimizations to the store page for better performance.
    - Fixed an issue where players could interact with menus outside of their visual representation.
    - Fixed not being able to test drive DTM 2014 cars in R3E portal.
    - Fixed Leaderboards related stats not updating in profile.
    - Fixed Packs not counting the liveries that comes with the cars under liveries.
    - Fixed Single Player practice menu showing Leaderboards header on top in all experiences.
    - Fixed “Add all to cart” option appearing under user’s profile page.
    - Fixed number of opponents not hiding properly in practice mode when selecting a hillclimb track.
    - Removed headline/close on all championship splashes.
    - Added class icons and link to Car renders in portal to better distinguish cars with same or similar names.
    - We now grey out Confirm purchase button until the transaction is actually done to avoid double transactions being sent to Steam.
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  11. Sonat Ozturk

    Sonat Ozturk Well-Known Member

    Jan 13, 2015
    +2,012 / 0 / -0

    - Removed forced camera in pits.
    - Fixed AI overtaking during rolling start.
    - Fixed an issue with Italian FFB descriptions getting cut.
    - Optimized graphical performance.
    - Fixed an issue where the final standings screen would show the same number for two cars.
    - Fixed an issue where force feedback and rumble was still sending data when quitting or getting disqualified.
    - Fixed an issue with end results screen.
    - Fixed an issue where the amount of fuel in cars differed between game modes.
    - Fixed an issue where the last race results overlay showed all entries as “28”.
    - Fixed an issue where the default steering lock would change to the wrong default locks.
    - Fixed an issue where player would end up in garage menu with DRIVE option with no function, when getting disqualified during qualifying session.
    - We now save after each session (practice, qualify, race) instead of after an event (race) in championships.
    - Fixed an issue with AI pitting on last lap.
    - Fixed an issue with AI being shown as “+1 lap” in results if player wins the race.
    - Fixed the squashed red “Quit” button in old menu dialogue box.
    - Fixed an issue where the scrollbar was not uniform across all the Controller settings pages.
    - Fixed an issue with wheel range and steering lock randomly getting reset.
    - Fixed an issue where user was unable to load into a track with AI if the user didn’t own the AI car.
    - Fixed lap counter in pause menu not always matching with the real lap counter.
    - Fixed an issue where some users were unable to join competitions.
    - Fixed an issue where users could get “Invalid game or game settings” error message while going from an experience menu back to the old green orb menus.

    - Fixed a memory leak on dedicated server.
    - Fixed an issue with rolling start for Multiplayer Qualify and Race.
    - Changed so the default race end time is 60 in case it’s not set on server end to avoid players getting kicked out.
    - Added additional logging functionalities to catch the issue where player clicks on the livery repeatedly but nothing happens. Please make sure you have ping to the server before entering.
    - Fixed an issue in race results when two players cross the finish line very close to each other.

    AI & Physics & Sound
    - Revised Aquila Physics.
    - Revised Daytona Prototype Physics.
    - Adjusted BMW M3 E30 Gr.A sounds.

    - Mid Ohio - Various art fixes.
    - Slovakiaring – Various bug fixes and updates.
    - Hungaroring – Various bug fixes and performance improvements.
    - Suzuka – Various bug fixes and improvements.

    - Optimized images overall. We now use Webp instead of PNG in game themes to improve menu loading.
    - Added test drive to purchase item prompt in RR experience.
    - Changed the support links to direct to our new forums forum.sector3studios.com
    - Added additional login options in various prompts if user is not logged in.
    - Fixed an issue where VIP profile backgrounds would take over the Experience style in non RR experience portal pages.
    - We now show which packs an item is available in individual item pages rather than in checkout only.
    - MP Browser – Changed so that we only show – on servers with no ping for the first time to avoid flickering by repeating.
    - Fixed DTM 2014 default leaderboard page showing DTM 2013 car class by default.
    - Fixed an issue where users could not load into certain tracks such as purchased via European Track Pack, before the pack was updated with more tracks.

    - Fixed an issue where nothing happened when players clicked on a livery in MP. Please make sure you are entering a server you have a ping to ( - means no ping)
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  12. Sonat Ozturk

    Sonat Ozturk Well-Known Member

    Jan 13, 2015
    +2,012 / 0 / -0
    - Added Sonoma Raceway.
    - Fixed Cut track penalty coming up after the rolling start in Leaderboard Challenge
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  13. Sonat Ozturk

    Sonat Ozturk Well-Known Member

    Jan 13, 2015
    +2,012 / 0 / -0

    What’s New (Summary)
    - Custom Championships.
    - Mouse Steering. You can now select the mouse steering profile in the controller settings.
    - Track rotation in Multiplayer.
    - 3 new FFB multipliers for spring, damper and friction in FFB settings.

    - Added Custom Championships in RRE.
    - Shadow map improvements to make car shadows smoother.
    - Put local shadow map back to 32 bits for smoother car shadows.
    - Added car shadow kernel and epsilon.
    - Implemented better device support by changing device ID to include instance, wheel type and rim type ID’s to support several devices of the same type and to differentiate between devices that share the same product ID. (Fanatec CSR and CSR Elite for example). More default profiles will be added later.
    - Fixed the mixup in ADAC championship screen where tracks showed under cars header and vice versa.
    - Fixed IBL (Image Based Lighting) not loading for Sonoma in replays.
    - Fixed AI hitting pit wall from standing start in Sonoma.
    - Fixed cut track penalty message coming up after rolling start in LBC start.
    - Changed the banger sound priority from medium to high so they play when full grid.
    - Fixed an issue with AI launch from 1st gear.
    - Fixed an issue with disappearing skid sounds.
    - Fixed triggering issues with pitcams.
    - Changed RRE timing screen a bit to make IN PIT (yellow) text more readable.
    - Added Mouse Steering.
    - Added 3 new FFB options. Spring, Damper and friction strength. These work as multiplers and multiply what is set in the driver. Default profiles have these off by default.
    - Tweaked all the default profiles due to changes. Please note your old control profiles will be backed up and won’t be usable.
    - Default Controlset: Changed ffb steer friction and damper coefficients to 0.0
    - Default Controlset: Changed ffb steer friction and damper saturations to 1.0
    - Default Controlset: Changed spring saturation and coefficient pos and neg to 1.0
    - Default Controlset: Added ffb steer spring coefficient.
    - Default Controlset: Changed default spring coefficient per axis to 1.0

    - Implemented Time of Day per session support.
    - Implemented password support on dedicated side.
    - Implemented track rotation.
    - Implemented Server names.
    - We now cache ping in MP browser to avoid unnecessary pinging.
    - Made changes so the server list refreshes are only processed when not connected to a server.
    - Made changes to make sure pending server browser updates are cancelled when joining a server.
    - We no longer auto refresh in MP browser.
    - Added the Community Dedicated groundwork for release soon.
    - Various dedicated side improvements.

    AI & Physics & Camera & Audio
    - Sonoma - Fixed AI having issues with pit entry and tweaked AI speed.
    - Portimao – Fixed hairpin inside cut rules for Amateur
    - DTM 92 cars – AI tweaks, Improved Audi handling.
    - Revised all Gr.5 class car physics.
    - Revised all GTR2 class car physics.
    - Sonoma - Fixed helicam sound trigger.

    - Increased Shadow draw distance.
    - Lowered shadow noise in McLaren cockpit to make it less intrusive.
    - Tweaked shadow blur.
    - RUF RT12R – Fixed braking light in the middle still appearing floating after wing is gone due to damage.
    - Audi LMS Ultra – Fixed flipped KW logo.
    - Chevrolet Camaro GT3 – Fixed mapping on the driver right arm.
    - ALL CARS – General rebalancing to bring them to the same level.
    - Reduced frequency of headlight flashing on all cars.
    - Zakspeed Capri – Replaced redstone tyrebranding with Goodyear on livery 7 and 8
    - BMW 320T - Replaced redstone tyrebranding with Goodyear on livery 9 and 10

    Portal & System Backend
    - Changed the portal main webpage.
    - Added fan page directory.
    - Various store related fixes.
    - We now highlight VIP drivers, DEVs, as well as friends in MP browser.
    - Implemented a new Leaderboard Updater system for better performance and to fix the issue with Leaderboard entry sometimes not updating.
    - Added new tab in competition page that shows all past competitions.
    - RRRE competition page now shows competitions from other experience.
    - Fixed an issue with links for finished competition in fan pages.
    - Fixed an issue where purchase of alternative liveries for cars purchased via packs would not work sometimes.
    - Fixed an error when buying a livery before the car if they’re in the same cart.
    - Fixed so that the dashboard correctly redirects to user profile page.
    - Removed irrelevant text from the introduction popups in portal.
    Fixed layout issues in checkout popup.
    - Default user avatar helmets are now randomly assigned out of 24 new helmet images instead of the old helmet, to add more colour and variety to the leaderboards.

    Known Issues:
    - Multiplayer browser does not show ping times. This is only visual and the servers should work perfectly fine.
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  14. Sonat Ozturk

    Sonat Ozturk Well-Known Member

    Jan 13, 2015
    +2,012 / 0 / -0
    01-04-2015 (Hotfix)

    - Fixed MP servers not showing ping in MP browser.

    - Fixed timing synchronization issues that caused players not to be able to see each other among other time related issues in MP sessions.

    - Fixed shader compilation crash that was occurring when shadow settings were set to low/OFF.
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  15. Sonat Ozturk

    Sonat Ozturk Well-Known Member

    Jan 13, 2015
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    Hotfix Patch

    - Fixed issue with position bar showing wrong time left e.g. 30 mins on 60 min race.

    - Changed so that only race and practice (track test) session replays are saved.

    - Replay is saved when the session ends in Single Player.

    - Replay is saved when player receives session results from dedicated server in Multiplayer.

    - Fixed Replay menu appearing broken.

    - Fixed issue with being unable to start championship in R3E if race length was set to 10 minutes.

    - Fixed an inconsistency in length between practice, qualifying and race sessions.

    - Changed so that the crash dump window shows our name correctly: Sector3 instead of Sector 3.

    - Temporarily fixed randomly assigned tyre compounds in MP by making prime default. (Temporary until garage phase is implemented).

    - Fixed a small issue with tyre spring calculation being wrong as it was sometimes using the wrong tyre compound.

    - Suzuka – Fixed invisible tyre collision in degner 2 among other various fixes.

    - Slovakiaring – Fixed invisible tyre collision issue.
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  16. Sonat Ozturk

    Sonat Ozturk Well-Known Member

    Jan 13, 2015
    +2,012 / 0 / -0
    New content:

    Prepared the game for upcoming releases and special events related to WTCC and DTM.


    • Brand new transmission model feat. drivetrain elasticity calculations

    • Brand new backfire system

    • A.I. logic improvements “Smooth Operator”

    • Old “green orb” menu design is now gone.

    • Implemented Experience switcher. Game now starts in RaceRoom Experience and player can switch directly to another experience using the buttons on top of the screen.

    • Optimization of the whole client-server communication for a smoother and faster browsing of the menus (should also reduce timeouts during peak hours).

    • Optimized loading times. (It may still be slow the first time as the shaders will need to be built)

    • Implemented dog box transmission, allowing upshifts without clutch engaged.

    • Updated steer ratio speed for gamepads to allow gamepad users to make it around tight hairpins.

    • Added new advanced controller options for adjusting clutch biting point.

    • Added new advanced controller option for double shift prevention on worn out controllers.

    • Added new advanced controller options to adjust Upper dead zones for brake and clutch axis. (useful for adjusting the required pressure on load cell brake pedals)

    • Removed deadzone for mouse steering.

    • Fixed so axis deadzones are setup properly when reconnecting devices.

    • Fixed spacing issue in active devices when having multiple devices connected.

    • Added new graphic option adjusting the amount of rendered cars around the player.

    • Added new sound options for transmission whine, wind, RoadFeel sound effects (car body rattle), suspension squeaks and backfires.

    • Cleaned up code in game startup. Merged preload screen and title screen.

    • Updated startup image and desktop icon.

    • Fixed a shadow issue where wrong lod was being used in certain cases.

    • Fixed an issue with free flight camera when pausing/unpausing.

    • Player can now jump the start in Get Real if flag rules are enabled.

    • Game now forces auto-clutch to be ON when using auto gearbox.

    • Improved protection of track files.

    • Fixed the selection of liveries for AI drivers that wasn’t random.

    • Fixed a small issue with lap counter in pause menu.

    • Fixed a crash that was occurring when going through saved championships and there’s no participants.

    • Fixed AI pitting twice to change tyres within a small window.

    • Fixed DTM 14 AI using two sets of Option tyres.

    • Fixed Instant replay not working in some game modes.

    • Fixed crashes that were occurring when loading certain replays.

    • Fixed an issue with menus sometimes not rendering properly after switching video settings.

    • Fixed an issue where some car parts were still not re-attached to the car after repairing aero damage.

    • Fixed an issue where the default view was turned to the left on unsupported controllers with certain keys unbound.

    • Fixed an issue where driving camera would become offset when using freecam with mouse steering active.
    • Fixed an issue where controller ID’s were not being assigned/loaded correctly for keybinds.

    • Fixed Disqualified text not fitting properly in overlays.

    • Text inside click buttons will now auto resize.

    • Log files now use date and time in name instead of appending a number and. Also changed the way we handle logs.

    • Fixed numpads not controlling the cameras in Race Monitor.


    • Added Multiplayer Dedicated Server support which is available on Steam under tools in Library. If it’s not yet available you can get it manually by typing this link in your web browser steam://install/354060 (Name is RaceRoom Dedicated Server)

    • Implemented garage phase; a minute long phase before the race starts where players can set up tyres, pit preset and car setup. Race starts when all players are ready or when time runs out.

    AI, Physics & Audio

    • Improved AI throttle/brake control.

    • Improved AI reaction to over/understeer.

    • Fixed so AI don’t react to cars off track.

    • Fixed so AI do not brake during rolling start.

    • [Laguna Seca] A.I. improvements and cut track detection modification

    • [Salzburgring] Fixed pit speed limit showing when driving close to pit lane.

    • [Salzburgring] Tweaked AI speed in various turns.

    • [Suzuka] Tweaked AI speed.

    • [All cars] Updated data for new transmission model

    • [All cars] Added new samples for backfires, suspensions and revlimiter

    • [BMW 320 Turbo] Various gear ratio tweaks.

    • [BMW 320 Turbo] New revlimiter sound sample

    • [Fabcar] Corrected weight distribution. Adjusted gear ratios.

    • [Fabcar] Tweaked revlimiter as it was hitting the limiter too often.

    • [Group 5 cars] Removed ability to use Traction Control

    • [Group 5 cars] Rebalanced AI behaviour vs player.

    • [RUF RT12R] Tweaked the default car setup.


    • [Alpina B6] Lowered intensity on the front intake

    • [Audi 90q (GTO)] Various art fixes

    • [Audi V8 DTM92] Livery fixes.

    • [BMW 320 Turbo] Various art fixes.

    • [BMW 635] Fixed an issue with fog lights.

    • [BMW M1 Procar] Various livery fixes

    • [BMW Z4 GT3] Fixed a black stain on the rear mirror

    • [Chevrolet Dekon Monza] Fixed speed gauge range and cockpit windows banner text being flipped

    • [DTM 13/14] Bigger flames for backfires (experimental)

    • [Fabcar 935] Lowered reflection on front intake; various livery fixes

    • [Ford GT1] Fixed wheel arches appearing too reflective

    • [Group 5 cars] Bigger flames for backfires (experimental)

    • [McLaren MP4-12C] Lowered reflection on air hose

    • [Mercedes SLS] Fixed a misaligned sticker.

    • [Nissan Silvia] Fixed various holes reported in the cockpit; fixed a shadow lod issue

    • [Nissan Skyline 2000RS] Fixed a LOD issue in the rear of the car and some gauges needle in the dashboard

    • [Bathurst] Various art bugs including wrong sun position

    • [Brands Hatch Indy] Road shader update, added far vegetation and various bug fixes

    • [Hockenheim] DTM 2015 theme

    • [Hungaroring] WTCC 2014 theme, fixed numerous bugs (LODs, clipping, shaders), improved performance (optimized collision, removed audience from rearview), 2014 track updates

    • [Indianapolis] Various bugfixes including dropshadows for walls, u.s. flag, removed flat audience shadow cast, cleaned up scenes, fixed pitwall, and collisions

    • [Laguna Seca] 2014 updates (mostly track adverts), added brakemarkers, removed flat audience shadow cast

    • [Lausitzring] fixed some flickering overlays, fixed missing generics, removed dtm curb from GT Masters version in T1, shader tweaks, pitlights are now working, mapping tweaks, Various art fixes.

    • [Oschersleben] DTM 2015 theme, fixed some generics not showing, fixed A.O. baking, added missing pitwall hut, added pitlights, other various bug fixes,

    • [Mid Ohio] added U.S.A. flag on building, various art fixes

    • [Monza] Various art fixes

    • [Moscow] WTCC 2014 and DTM 2015 themes, 2014 track updates (new sound wall), various art bug fixes

    • [Norisring] DTM 2015 theme

    • [Nuerburgring] DTM 2015 theme

    • [RedBull Ring] DTM 2015 theme

    • [Salzburgring] Various art fixes.

    • [Sonoma] Fixed some fences that were missing collision, and tucked in a tyrewall in which AI kept colliding, various other fixes

    • [Zandvoort] - Small curbs update, New scheivlak house, Removed funky dip in chicane, Changed banking of final turn exit (more camber onto straight), and other bugfixes.

    • [Zolder] - Various art fixes


    • Refactored code to improve loading times of store page.

    • Refactored code to improve sluggish experience menus.

    • Implemented asynchronous purchase calls between portal backend and system backend to reduce waiting times upon purchases.

    • Favorite cars in user profiles now show the specific livery instead of the main livery of the car.

    • Added various partners to partners page (WIP). You can subscribe to partners to get more news about them in your newsfeed.

    • Various store fixes when adding duplicate items.

    • Fixed newsfeed showing incorrect event date time.

    • Fixed leaderboard layout name not showing track name.

    • Fixed item info on competitions where user does not own the content.

    • Fixed links to dashboard resulting in error 500.

    • Updated youtube API to bring back youtube videos in portal.

    • Fixed an issue where championship load/save screen would appear repeatedly when trying to cancel it after exiting a championship session.

    • Added filtering and search functionality to partner pages.

    • Fixed an issue with leaderboard not updating difficulty when backing out from game launcher

    • Fixed only having one car class available in Leaderboard challenge on certain cases.
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  17. Sonat Ozturk

    Sonat Ozturk Well-Known Member

    Jan 13, 2015
    +2,012 / 0 / -0

    - Fixed Error 13 issues which was occurring due to having too many MP servers, causing encryption failures.

    - Temporarily disabled Garage Phase in Multiplayer which was causing various issues at race start.

    - Added a potential fix for the issue where players see the white experience menus but no buttons to click.

    Dedicated Server
    - Updated dedicated for mp side fixes to take affect. The old dedicated servers will expire, please update your dedicated servers application via Steam.

    - Removed Hillcimb tracks from MP dedi server frontend track list.

    - Disabled the ability to set rolling start for race session.
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  18. Sonat Ozturk

    Sonat Ozturk Well-Known Member

    Jan 13, 2015
    +2,012 / 0 / -0
    - Fixed an issue where players were getting locked in a black screen after manually logging in.
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  19. Sonat Ozturk

    Sonat Ozturk Well-Known Member

    Jan 13, 2015
    +2,012 / 0 / -0

    - Fixed Logitech Profiler users getting stuck in title screen due to Logitech software taking focus from the game window.

    - Fixed a crash that was occuring when going to controller profiles in DTM Experience menus.

    - Fixed missing assets in Option Menus.
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  20. Sonat Ozturk

    Sonat Ozturk Well-Known Member

    Jan 13, 2015
    +2,012 / 0 / -0

    New Content

    • Prepared the game for upcoming releases and sponsored competitions.


    • Added Fanatec V2 support and default controller profiles.

    • Added numerous additions to the Shared Memory to provide more data to 3rd party developers.

    • Added individual controller profiles for different Fanatec rims.

    • Implemented support so Fanatec rev-light works by default.

    • Implemented Fanatec LED display support with following options:

      • S-G Speed + Gear

      • S Speed

      • G Gear

      • F Fuel

      • POS Position

      • OFF Off
    • Added a new keybinding option for Fanatec LED Display cycle in secondary functions.

    • Added a “Random” setting to Time of Day selection.

    • Fixed a crash that could occur with older replays.

    • Fixed an issue where cars would randomly lose body parts while watching replays.

    • Fixed an issue where car shadows would sometimes stop moving.

    • Fixed so that the Vehicle Settings apply when set in pause menu.

    • Fixed an issue with loading screen popping up one frame between title and splash screen.

    • Improved car shadows

    • Improved shadow split performance

    • Fixed a crash that was occurring at the end of hillclimb tracks.

    • Added additional logging to catch resolution related errors.

    • Added additional logging to catch potential ffb/physics issues.

    • Fixed an issue where the server difficulty was not matching with what was showing in-game.

    • Fixed having 2 “Continue to Results” in pause menu in certain cases.

    • Fixed an issue that could cause path to user documents be wrong.

    • Fixed Player name and End of Session text not fitting the overlay.

    • Fixed an issue where the car was moving at start if gear is engaged.

    • Fixed AI in main path braking for cars that are slowing down while entering pitlane.

    • Fixed a potential AI distance error for cars to the left/right on different paths.
    • Changed default steering lock for gamepads from 13 to 8.

    • Updated some values on all gamepad default profiles.

    • Deployed code support for upcoming spectator mode (more information to be released later on the forum)


    • Dedicated: Added result reports (basic version in json and xml format, additional data will be included later).

    • Dedicated: Added options to upload reports to ftp and http.

    AI, Physics & Audio

    • Touring Classics physics overhaul. This class now matches performance with DTM 1992.

    • Decreased gearshift backfire amount on some turbo cars

    • Gumpert Apollo gearshift backfires adjusted

    • P4/5 Competizione new internal sounds

    • Removed the ability to use traction control in Touring Classics

    • Sachsenring - Fixed AI car hitting pitwall under ai control during pitstops.

    • Sachsenring - Merged cut track rules across all difficulty levels.


    • Reduced quantity of advertisement boards around most of the tracks, and moved some around so it all looks more like it belongs.

    • Zolder: added windmills in the distance

    • RaceRoom Hillclimb: Deleted animated 2D flags, replaced audience with some more high polygons bodies, replaced 2D audience with new ones

    • Lakeview Hillclimb: Deleted animated 2D flags, replaced audience with some more highpolygons bodies, replaced 2D audience with new ones.

    • Chevrolet Dekon Monza - Fixed some heavy glare on interior windows.

    • Various livery tweaks to DTM 2015 cars (available only through the DTM Virtual Championship)


    • Added VIP Drivers directory in portal which will list all the VIP drivers.

    • Optimized login flow by removing redundant user page load before redirecting to menus.

    • Added failover on MW timeouts.

    • Added additional checks for store transaction fails.

    • Fixed an issue with user content cache which was getting invalidated after adding price to a new content.

    • Fixed discounts not being considered for second pack in the cart.

    • Fixed an issue with user content cache which was getting invalidated after adding a a new content.

    • Fixed discounts not being considered for second pack in the cart.

    • Fixed an issue where some transactions were remaining pending and not getting completed.

    • Optimized loading times for user content.

    • Optimized loading times for web menus.

    • Fixed a caching issue that was causing image assets not to load correctly on some browsers such as Safari.
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