News Weekly Update 21/11/15 - Bentley, Black Friday and new GT3 cars

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    Bentley coming to RaceRoom
    The final piece of the ADAC GT Masters 2015 puzzle has been laid, the mighty Bentley Continental GT3 is now officially confirmed to take to the track in RaceRoom.
    The Continental GT3 is a car that comes with a lot of pedigree, a lot of expectations and a lot of excitement. It is a brand new package, taking advantage of all the latest developments in racing engineering so it should be both quick and agile. But the fresh slate also means it does not have the same extensive testing and reliability of the 2015 GT Masters competitors. Soon it will be your turn to fire up this British entry and take it to the chequered flag.
    Head on over to our forums for more render shots, more info and to take part in the community talks about the addition to RaceRoom.


    Black Friday coming to RaceRoom
    Get ready to line up around the virtual RaceRoom store this coming Friday, as we have cooked up a very special and limited Black Friday deal for determined shoppers out there.

    More info on this special deal will be available on our facebook and forum channels.
    Stay tuned for the RaceRoom deal of the year!


    Physics development with Joonas Lappalainen
    Audi Sport TT Cup driver joins forces with Sector3 Studios to make sure the car matches its real counterpart as closely as possible.Joonas Lappalainen provided his feedback on the Beta version of the car. Watch the video to see what he had to say and to catch some more preview footage of the Audi TT Cup car in action.


    New GT3 cars
    We have just released the long awaited new additions to the GTR3 class!
    The RUF RT12R, Nissan GT-R GT3, Ford GT GT3 & Chevrolet Corvette Z06.R GT3 are joining the grid putting their class on the top of the hit list, with a total number of 10 unique Sportscars!
    Visit the store to get hold of these new additions


    RaceRoom Apps
    Looking to enhance your RaceRoom Racing Experience? The community has built some great applications and shared them on our forums. They are free, they are cool and they add a new dimension to your racing experience. Some of the highlights include:​
    Check out the video to see the Crew Chief App in action and visit our community workshop to keep up to date on what other new toys, apps and additions the community are building​
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  2. Max

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    Come the bentley this year or next year?
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    The problem with the title 'Weekly Update' is that it makes you think there is one every week.
  4. Rodger Davies

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    Thanks for the update, always happy to read about the Bentley.
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  5. alesi27

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    There is.You just have to sign up for the newsletter and get it delivered every Friday or Saturday to your email.If I remember correctly these news were sent last Friday.
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    Will there be a GtR3 pack?
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  7. David Slute

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    excellent news!